Identify a song: like a cross between Shinedown and alt-J...
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Bear with me: I haven't heard this song in a while so my memory might be off, but I think this song came out in the last year or so. Genre: alternative rock or electronic, probably indie. The instrumentation is mostly electronic, and the singer is male. What sticks out most is the chorus - the melody descends then ascends and reminds me of the chorus of Shinedown's "Second Chance". More details inside...

The singer's voice and style: somewhere between Robert DeLong, alt-J, and Joywave. (Perhaps it is even something by one of them?) There seems to be a heavy electronic effect on the vocals.

Once again, the style is nothing like the Shinedown song, but the melody is reminiscent in the chorus. The tempo MAY be slightly faster.

Now for lyrics - the only ones I can remember are something along the lines of "whatever your plans should be", "want from me", or "fantasy". (Those would be in the ascending part at the end of the chorus.) The effect on the vocals made the lyrics hard to hear.

(I hope these clues aren't too vague, but it's all I've got!)
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What the chorus sounds like to me:
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Cold War Kids - First?
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No, it is not "First". (Good song, though!) Compared to that song, I'd say our mystery song is at a faster tempo and is more "electronic" sounding.

Some other clues I though of: it might be a Canadian artist, as I get some Canadian radio stations where I'm currently living.

Maybe those last lyrics are something along the lines of "drunk on your fantasy"...but I couldn't find anything with those exact words.
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It is "Jealousy" by Robert DeLong.
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