I Can't Wait for You to Knock Me Out
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SongFilter: Looking for an electro/grindcore song that features lyrics about Donkey Kong and metal.

The song is currently being used in a promo for Video Game Hour Live, a show on KVR-TV, UT's student-run station. I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone at KVR. The band sounds a lot like Daiquiri, with a male vocalist singing, "I want my Donkey Kong, just like my metal" or something that sounds like that. I also remember him repeating, "I can't wait for you to knock me out." This is possibly from an Austin band. Google doesn't turn up anything.
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Googling doesn't turn up anything for me either (other than obviously wrong results, like the Donkey Kong theme song, etc.)... Are you sure it wasn't something that was just done especially for the promo you mentioned (i.e. not a song that's been released)?... I think your best bet is to keep trying to get in touch with someone from the station.
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Best answer: Mindless Self Indulgence is the band. Shut Me Up is the song. The line is something like "I like my coffee black, just like my metal." Sorry, no mention of Donkey Kong in it. It's from their most recent (I think) full album. Video here.

Good music if you like that kinda stuff.
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Forgot to add:
The line you remember is actually "I can't wait for you to shut/@$ me up."

They're very remix friendly, but I'll bet that is where it came from if not the original that you heard.
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donmayo's answer is pretty likely, considering the lyrics you could make out.
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I'll third that; MSI is certainly likely to have been remixed by nerds, too. They're that kind of band.

Neato trivia: The video that donmayo links is directed by Jhonen Vasquez, for those that (like me) like such things.
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Response by poster: Awesome! Ask MetaFilter never disappoints. And I'm very much into Jhonen Vasquez, so I'm really glad I asked this question. Thanks.
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