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I'll be working outdoors most of the summer (yaya!) so I've been looking to stock up on music mixes. A lot of the work will be remote so I won't be able to stream, thus it needs to be downloadable. A few more details underneath.

Generally open to any genres so long as it's upbeat (but not too upbeat, like high-bpm techno). Longer is better - at least an hour, 2hrs+ ideally.

Spent a couple hours last night poking around on mixcloud, soundcloud, factmag etc. which gave me a decent start but mostly concentrated around djs / electronic music. I'd really like to get some that are based in live instrumentation, especially 'world' music like latin and middle eastern. I'm really partial to stuff with a lot of horns and percussion.

This Nickodemus set from Turntables on the Hudson is a good example of the genre-mixing I'm in the mood for.
Thanks mefi!
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Here are my two sources of mixes:
Melt (which also features excellent art on the frontpage)
World's Best Ever

You could also check etree.org and EZ Tree/Dime-a-Dozen [registration/ratio required] for live music.

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Best answer: Sofrito mixes will likely scratch your itch - "world" mixes, freely downloadable from Sofrito, plus streams to preview (prev). See also: Les Mains Noires mixes,from the blog by an expat French DJ/crate digger currently living in São Paulo (prev). I found both from Tom-B, who has more good music/mixtape posts.
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Best answer: In no particular order: Luanda -|- DJ Nirso -|- Migrations Radio -|- Fro-Disia -|- Caipirinha Appreciation Society (has talk included)

Unrelated to your special interest but I throw it in nevertheless due to the genre-mixing: subnav.com

Last but not least there is hearthis.at, which is a Soundcloud clone, but they have nice categories and filtering to find longer mixes easily, like these SoulBrigada mixes (they have a Global Beats section you should check out!)

filthy light thief: Who is this Tom-B? :-) If asked I would have named you as the source for mix-material here on MeFi. You had some nice posts in 2015!
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Response by poster: Dayum, only 3 answers and I'm already overwhelmed. But, overwhelmed in a good way :) In particular I'm really digging the Migrations Radio and Subnav stuff.

Are the Sofrito mixes all download-able? I only saw dl buttons on a couple of them, which is a shame cause there's a bunch that look tasty.
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I'm not sure on the Sofrito mixes - I just checked a few, and they all looked downloadable. If you find some you want to have off-line, PM me and I'll see if I can help.

For a crazy diverse set of sounds from around the world, I was just reminded of Daniel Haaksman (Soundcloud), a German producer who seems to scour the world (or at least internet) for great tracks in his mixes, especially the tragically short Luso FM sets. No direct download links, sadly.
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You might want to check out the mixes on Test Pressing. Most of them are on the balearic tip, and they can range from world sounds to laid-back electronics to 70's soft rock.
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