What font is this?
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I found this wonderful font and I can't figure out what type it is. Can you help?

The font is in the logo here:


It's the ministry logo all the way at the bottom. Is there something I can do in the future to figure this out.
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In the future you could use something like What The Font to upload an image to get font matches. But I don't think you'd get much out of it with a tiny image like this one.

In this specific instance, if I were you I'd contact the New Zealand Ministry of Justice and ask what the font in their logo is. That way you'd get a definitive answer.
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Response by poster: I asked 2 weeks ago, and they haven't responded. Also, the site you showed me is not working with the graphics.

Any other help?
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I used Identifont to try and narrow it down, and it gave me Jenson Classico, though I think Adobe Jenson is closer to the font you're looking for. Neither are the right one, I think, because the capital S still doesn't look right, but if you're looking for a stylistically close match, you can't go wrong with it. Seconding bjrn's idea to contact the Ministry directly and ask what they used.
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I tried a larger version of the image with WhatTheFont. It suggests Adobe Garamond SemiBold.
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I downloaded a PDF, pulled out the logo and got the same result as Ms. Next - Adobe Garamond Semibold.
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The Font Matcherator also suggests Adobe Garamond Pro when given the same large logo used by Ms. Next. It appears to be an exact match to me.
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It reminds me of a font that I like called Iowan Old Style.
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