Speaker for damp noisy environment
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Looking for a <$100 speaker that will play music loudly in a big greenhouse with lots of noisy fans (more than twenty regular fans for air movement and three giant fans that run the heating system). I'd like to either plug in or bluetooth a music source and I'm okay with plugging in the speaker. Do I want a portable bluetooth speaker or can I get something cheaper and better in terms of sound volume if I go the non-portable route?

I'm not an audiophile and the environment is quite noisy so things like sound quality aren't as important as they might ordinarily be.

The greenhouse gets quite hot (frequently over 100oF) a bit later in the year, so something delicate is not a good idea. And yes, we've been looking into getting the greenhouse to be better climate controlled but it just isn't in the cards for this year.
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A UE Boom? I love mine. Portable, waterproof, blue tooth and loud.
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Love my G-boom - cheap and loud and sturdy and good battery life!
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The UE boom is more than $100 and the G-Boom isn't water resistant.

I'm more willing to go slightly over budget than I'm optimistic that the speakers won't get wet in the greenhouse.

We water the plants multiple times a day and the greenhouse is a production greenhouse - think huge rolling tables covered in plants along with shelves of plants at the walls. The speakers would be on a shelf - it is going to get sprayed a couple times a week with water.
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turtle shell speakers have pretty awesome sound and are mostly indestructible.

Not sure if the smaller one us sufficient for a greenhouse though, but it is under your budget.
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(For Bluetooth speaker advice, I like clavinetjunkie's YouTube channel because he's showcases the speakers with an excellent recording system)

Here's an alternative to Bluetooth:
A low cost class-T amplifier (plug in or battery): $28
Bookshelf speakers $28
Google Chromecast Audio: $35
(needs power)

Total less than $100, and will be louder and better sounding than most Bluetooth speakers. It works on WiFi rather than Bluetooth, which can be a plus or minus depending on your situation, though you can also connect a smartphone directly to the amp instead.

I can't say how well it will do at 100°F though (I have a more expensive variant of this setup, but it is indoors).
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Looks like clavinetjunkie likes the less than $100 splashproof JPL Flip 3 better than the UE Boom.
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I ended up going with a UE Roll which was a bit less than $80. It is rated waterproof and has been loud enough in the greenhouse.

Also, and this is mainly because I'm not a gadget person and thus behind the times: I find bluetooth speakers to be sort of magical in a sort of "this is the FUTURE" way.
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