Seattle Filter: Best Teriyaki?
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It's the little things. Sixteen years ago I moved from Seattle to the Land Without Teriyaki (Vermont). I'll be back in Seattle next week for a visit. What's your favorite place to get takeout teriyaki, and why? I'll be spending most of my time on Capitol Hill, with forays to Ballard, Phinney, Fremont and the CD. Help a guy satiate. Thanks!
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I'm not sure if it's necessarily the *best* teriyaki in Seattle, but it's the one I miss most now that I don't work within close range to it:

Okinawa Teriyaki - 1100 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
Get the Okinawa Special, you won't be disappointed.
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Yeah, I'm not sure how to evaluate Teriyaki on a scale. It's either "good" or "not good." I don't think there's AMAZING teriyaki.

Yak's in Fremont is good. The teriyaki at Time for Pho in Magnolia is also and, I think, better than their pho.

My personal favorite teriyaki is Himitsu but they don't seem to have anything closer to where you'll be than in Lake City.
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Agreed re: Okinawa - I used to work around the corner and it was my favorite treat.
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I like Shodai in the CD at MLK and Union. Their teriyaki is a tad bit better than Teriyaki Seven at MLK and Madison but the atmosphere is more "authentic" at Seven.
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Teriyaki Madness on 15th is a good one if you like sweeter (not too sweet) sauce. Get the "house special," it comes with cucumber salad. I used to get it about 3 times a week when I worked a couple blocks away.

Another one I like is Teriyaki Bowl at Madison and Lake Washington Blvd (just outside the arboretum to the NE). The beef and chicken combo is very satisfying.
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