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Google syntax query. So: I want to be able to find all the links to Site X, while filtering out all internal links from within Site X. I'm using [] as my query and get about 3 results. However I know there are thousands of links out there. Others seem to have had the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: I'd use Yahoo Site Explorer in "Inlinks" mode, with "Except from this domain" and "Entire site" options selected.
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Yeah, that's weird. Even weirder, a search for or -site:anything returns 9+ billion entries with United Airlines, BH Photo, Chronicle of Philantropy, Home Gardening TV and Home Shopping Network as the top 5 hits. Are those actually the top 5 rated sites in all of google's index?
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Response by poster: Of course - there are other search engines besides Google - thanks, mendel!
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boaz: maybe they're just the five least metafiltery!
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the syntax for this on regular Yahoo search is
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sorry, my previous post might confuse. here it is more generally:
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How about:
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Response by poster: Well they all work, but with sometimes widely differing results. Using as the example (see link in question), I get 62,238 external links with the Yahoo site explorer, ~75,700 with masymas' regular Yahoo search, and 731 with rhomboid's query. I guess it's still an inexact science. But thanks for your help, everyone!
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Response by poster: Rhomboid ...
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