But what happens AFTER the 5-10 minutes it takes you to put it on?
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I have a sense of what I need to do to initially get makeup on my face in the morning. But I want to know what people do to keep it looking good all day.

I have an extremely minimalist daily makeup routine right now consisting of...BB cream. That's all. I'm trying to step it up, but I'm not sure about logistics. I work a really non-strenuous desk job, but I eat and drink during the day and have fairly oily eyelids, so it seems like lipstick ends up on cups and forks almost immediately, leaving a really unflattering line around the edges of my lips, and eye makeup tends to move around by the time I go home.

If you wear makeup to your office job, do you touch it up throughout the day? I feel like I never see women doing this. Or have you found products that stick around all day long? If so, please recommend them!

And at night, if you wear eye makeup, what do you actually do to remove it? Do you really use those horrible pads every day? I've never found any that didn't sting my eyes. I'm looking into the tube mascara that a lot of people on Mefi seem to like but that still leaves eyeliner, right?
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Eyeshadow primer will keep eyeshadow in place. I use the Urban Decay primer; it's known to be a workhorse. My eyelids are oily but shadow doesn't slide around with this stuff.

The quality/type of lipstick can make a big difference. I use Sephora Matte Lip Cream (liquid lipstick, stays put) or a dependable lipstick (my current one that works well is NARS, and actually a NYX one). You can also put a matching lip liner underneath over the whole lip (or a lip stain) and it will help reduce the appearance of fading while you'er eating/drinking. I usually touch up my lipstick after lunch or in the afternoon.

I use Neutrogena face wash/makeup remover. It's in a pump bottle. I just lather it, rub it on my whole face and eye area while keeping my eyes closed, then rinse. I also use non-waterproof makeup, so it just comes off easily. No scrubbing. You can definitely use makeup removing oil (or even just like, olive oil) on a Q-tip if you want no risk of stinging-- it's very effective.

You can buy setting sprays for makeup but I don't find them helpful. I have a little packet of oil-absorbing papers in my purse. I almost never use them but I might blot my face a bit if I have something important going on during the day.

I wear mascara but no eyeliner, it's just your personal choice.
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Another chemical-free method of removing makeup is coconut oil. Just put some on a cotton pad and rub the makeup off.
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Eyeshadow primer. I like Milani which you can get at the drugstore/grocery store. I also like ELF eyelid primer but Milani sticks better. Tap it on your eyelids thinly let it set for like 30 secs before putting on eyeshadow. No creasing or budging all day.

When I wear lipstick I wear the matte stuff that doesn't smudge but overall I find it obnoxious so I don't wear it much.
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Yes! Urban Decay makes wonderful products for this purpose. They're on sale right now, too, which is great. There are three I'd recommend for you:

Eyeshadow Primer
Foundation Primer
Setting Spray (pick the variety that suits your skin best)

The lipstick issue is... Well... You're not alone and I've personally found that applying long lasting lip liner and re-applying my lipstick over and over is the most reasonable alternative to those liquid lipsticks that require deadly force to remove. YMMV of course. They're just too drying for me to be worth it.
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Here's the Milani primer ($7) it lasts a super long time.
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I touch up my lips once per day, after lunch. I've read that applying foundation to your lips before applying lipstick will help the lipstick last longer, but I've never tried it. My lips get dry pretty easily so I tend to apply a small amount of lip balm shortly after putting on lipstick; I feel like this creates a bit of a barrier between the lipstick and whatever I'm drinking. I like Nuxe RĂªve de Miel and eos vanilla mint.

I don't usually touch up the rest of my face while I'm in the office, but if I'm out doing stuff and it's hot, I try to remember to check if my T-zone needs extra powder (that's where I get oily/shiny). Blotting papers are helpful; also, beautyblender sells reusable blotting pads (though I've never tried them).

For removing eye makeup, I use Bioderma Sensibio H2O, which is super gentle. Paula's Choice Gentle Touch is also good. Also, I recently found some super soft cotton pads at Target; I find most pads to be too scratchy for my eyelids.
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I never use primers. I use a waterproof crayon eyeliner (Rimmel Exaggerate in Noir) and Clinique Lash Power in onyx and they don't move. My eyeshadow will crease during the day which I manage with a swipe of my finger to "re-settle" it. I carry a pressed powder mattifying compact and a little brush and give myself a little swipe of powder on my oily t-zone a couple of times a day, either in the ladies room or discreetly at my desk. Same with lipstick/lip tint - carry it with you and the occasional touch up. Wipe it off cups/glasses with your thumb.

Basically you can use a ton of products and techniques to keep your makeup exactly in place but that's for a night out or a super-glam day job. For me, a normal office day means throw it on in the morning, and a couple of touch ups during the day, and not being too precious about it because I'm only in work.
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None of these expensive primer things ever worked for me. Frankly - the less make-up, the better. Anything else looks cakey, weird, and gross.

Lips - a good lip moisturizer, usually no color.

Eyebrows - DO YOUR DAMN EYEBROWS!! They should be neat, clean, and filled in with color. I use a pencil and brush for this. I've tried powders and waxes. YMMV. Just do your brows.

- BB cream = aces if it looks natural.

- LASHES! You can skip so much if you have great non-smudge mascara applied correctly.

- Eyelids - just throw some face powder on them to make your eye area highlighted and neat. Will look good all day, don't powder your lids, just the area under your brow down to the side of your nose.

- CONCEALER. Get your product of choice, use it on red spots and down the bridge of your nose. Pat to blend.

That's the basics. Anything more looks a mess on me within a few hours. I feel your pain.

Sometimes I lightly dab on powder with a brush, some days I regret doing this. The nice thing about an oily complexion is less wrinkles? Otherwise, I really try to see what my skin is doing and apply or not, depending. I have days where only sunscreen and spot concealer looks better than BB cream. Again, YMMV.
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My 5 minute all day makeup routine: BB cream for my face, CC cream under my eyes, Revlon Colorstay matte foundation on my T zone and lids with a touch of powder to set it. Then Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and light brown shadow for my brows. Waterproof liquid liner and mascara. If I want to do my lips, I fill them all in with liner, then layer lip tint over that so I don't end up with a weird outline after the tint wears off. I reapply the tint and a bit of powder around mid-day and I'm fine.

At night I use Neutrogena Fresh Naturals Makeup Remover Face Wash and follow up with some vitamin C serum and moisturizer.
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- Primer for eye makeup. A good cheap option is the one from Elf Cosmetics. I have not used this (I used Too Faced) but I have heard excellent things about it.

- I don't bother touching up lipstick during work hours. You do have to be mindful of getting it all off during lunch. Run some vaseline or other lip balm over it and rub off with a tissue.

- Eye makeup remover: So, I swear by Chanel after trying at least 4 drugstore brands, but it is very spendy. BUT, I have recently discovered Garnier's version and I must say it's a very good dupe! My eye area is softer after use with the Chanel, but for getting the makeup off this is very good!

- If you use BB Cream, I recommend a two step process. First massage an oil cleanser on *dry* face (I like DHC and Skinfood versions). Then clean the whole lot with a foaming cleanser. I don't really have a recommendation for this, I vary.

- Recently I have been using Eve Lom, which is also good at taking off my my makeup, but it's time consuming and not revolutionising my skin (although others rave about it) so I don't think I'll continue that one.
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One thing that really helps lipstick stay put for me- applying a layer of lippy, blotting it with a tissue, and then applying another layer on top of that. The colour is brighter, too.
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I use this setting spray when I want my makeup to look really nice all day, and I use it most days in the summer to add some extra sunscreen on my face. It keeps everything matte and fancy looking. My routine is a bit of face primer (I usually have a sample from various brands from my monthly Birchbox kicking around), a CC cream, concealer, blush, and mascara. I don't do eyeliner or shadow during the day, too much hassle. For lips I usually use a tinted lip gloss and reapply a couple of times a day.
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I love the urban decay eyeshadow primer mentioned above. I use this primer under my foundation every day, I have very dry skin and it's the best one I've found. This keeps my make up in place all day (I don't wear lipstick daily however). If I have something in the evening I use this setting spray and my make up is fine till I go to bed.
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The Urban Decay setting spray really helps for me and gives my makeup a nice finish (but my skin isn't perhaps as oily, so YMMV). When it's hot, I will often spritz my face partway through the day with either a fine water spray, or if I'm feeling flush and reckless, this stuff, and then kind of "moosh" the makeup around my face, if that makes any sense (it doesn't).

If you have migration issues, I think you should investigate powders. I know it's adding an extra step, but a setting powder under and around your eyes will help to stop your makeup from moving, especially when coupled with an eye primer. I have also found that my face makeup lasts significatly longer (and looks much better) since I started using the somewhat notorious "Wayne Goss method," in which you apply translucent powder under your makeup. The man is wildly hyperbolic, and the idea sounds insane, but it works for me. Not sure if it works under BB, but perhaps worth a shot.
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If you put it on right in the AM, all you need to do is refresh your lipstick throughout the day

I use a lot of product on my face, but it doesn't look overly made up. Eyeshadow primer, undereye cover. Foundation. Foundation is the key. If you have oily skin, pick one specifically for that. Then a bit of liquid/cream blush, powder, then powder blush on top. Use the lightest of hands with this. Then just do your eyes and lipstick and out the door.

Yes, you wipe off your make up each night. I use the moist wipes in the gentlest of formulas. Then follow with a cleanser and night cream. Clinique has gentle, make up removers. I'm also intrigued by Micellar Cleansing Water.
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I use a micellar foam face wash -- I think I'd like micellar water better because it doesn't require rinsing. With the foam, I wash my face normally but with more massaging in the eye area. It doesn't remove eyeliner completely, but whatever remains comes off with a damp washcloth. With micellar water, you use cotton balls or absorbent pads that can soak up the makeup and oils.

There's a site called makeupalley.com where members are very helpful. You need to sign up, but they never spam you. The Beauty Forum works best if your questions are specific. Don't worry that your issues might be too basic, because people there really like to share their tips.
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This stuff is pure magic (think unicorns) for removing makeup. And smells soooo good.
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To some extent, this stuff depends on your skin and it'll take some experimenting. For example, if setting spray doesn't work for you, you might try setting powder. I also find that lipsticks stay put better if I color in my lips first with lipliner; even then, it does require some touching up.

The single biggest thing you can do is not to touch your face.
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Eyelid primer will solve the makeup problem. If you have dry or older eyelids avoid Urban Decay(yes even the one they market for older eyelids) like the plague as it makes the creases/creping look worse & try the Tarte or Milani primers. Of course if you still have nice young skin then it's great & ignore this.

Easiest way to remove make up is Paulas Choice face wash, fresh water & a clean washcloth I can't stand all the futzing with face pads, cotton wipes & stuff.

Setting spray really only works if you use a powder, but it might help hold the eyeshadow in place. Of course a quick dusting of a light setting powder will help set the BB cream too & help it last.

You may want to look into lip tints & stains. You don't get that super trendy matte look with them but they last a long time. There are a lot of good Korean ones out there & they tend to give you more of a subtle touch of color rather than the full on lipstick look.
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To keep my makeup looking good, I carry some in my purse (at least powder foundation + brush and lip colour, if not the whole kit).

Halfway through the day I blot my face-
Use a flat folded piece of tissue or napkin pressed gently on my face to blot shine from my cheeks, forehead, nose
Make a little dry folded point of tissue and swipe it gently across the crease of my eyelids to blot up any grease that wants to make my makeup run.
Make another pointy fold of tissue, possibly slightly dampened, and run it under my eyes to remove any eye makeup that migrated
Powder my nose and forehead really lightly to take down shine
Wipe off and re-apply lip colour.

At night I remove makeup with Bioderma micellar water on a flat cotton pad, then wash my face with mild face cleanser, then moisturize with Complex 15. I change cleansers all the time but Bioderma and Complex 15 are amazing, affordable, and I highly recommend both products- they do their jobs incredibly well, won't irritate sensitive skin, and leave you feeling clean.
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I am yet to find an eye lid primer that does the job for my oily lids. I do however find that Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow sticks on their own are better than anything else I've tried with primer. So I pick a shade that evens out my eye lids/is only fractionally darker than my skin to add definition and if it moves by the afternoon I reposition with my fingers.

Nthing other long lasting products for work. Especially foundation. You may wish to take blotting papers with you and use as required from half way through the day. This should not take off your make up, it just mattifies.

As even the skin around my eyes is quite oily I now only wear tubing mascara, preferably Clinique, which seems to have more staying power than any others I've tried. Zero flaking or smudging.

I can't be asked to maintain a prominent lipstick look. You can achieve a lasting lip tint in a number of ways - the lovely Lisa Eldridge has several videos explaining how to do this - or I use something easy to apply throughout the day like tinted lip balm or Clinique chubby sticks, which I reapply throughout the day at my desk - it's so forgiving I don't use a mirror to do this.

Yes, you do have to remove your make up but you don't have to use the removal pads. There are many other ways, find one you don't mind.
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I hate lipstick because I always end up leaving it everywhere within 10 minutes. However, I've had much better luck with lipstains, the ones that look like markers. I started with Covergirl Outlast from the drugstore, and have now moved on to Josie Maran "Coconut Water Lip Stain + Shine". I don't use the lip gloss as often for work, but it does amp things up for times where I want to look like I'm wearing a bit more on my lips. Especially with a little lip balm on top of it, those stains stay put much better.
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One more thought- this may be a bit more complex than you need to think about but it bears mentioning- depending how and why your eye makeup migrates, eyeshadow primer may or may not help much. If your eye makeup tends to slide around and land under your eyes, migrate into the crease and clump there, or just generally vanish after a while, then primer will help. Primer is like glue and it will help makeup stick to your skin.

But the reason your eye makeup moves might be because the makeup touches another part of your skin and prints off onto it (this often happens with hooded or monolid eyes because when you open your eyes, the skin near the top lashline rolls up under the upper lid and prints off makeup there).

If you have hooded or monolid eyes, primer will help keep your eyeshadow where it is to some extent by gluing it down to your skin, but the top layer of makeup will still move if your eyelid skin rolls in on itself. So you'll also need to seal the top layer of the makeup to keep it in place.

You can do this by setting the makeup to a dry finish with lots of same-coloured powder shadow (which will work til the powder absorbs oil or sweat and turns into cream on your lids), or by using a product that dries waterproof (like a gel liner that applies with a brush, or a pencil liner that dries water resistant- these Urban Decay eyeliners are great), or by coating the eye makeup with a light mist of a setting spray that basically "varnishes" your eye makeup in place.
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Liquid eyelid primer over the BB cream.

Follow with a dusting of loose powder all over the face, before the eyeshadow. After eyeshadow, another light dusting of loose powder, just on the lid.

Waterproof mascara, combed while still wet in between coats before applying the next coat.

While you were doing the rest of your makeup, you had Vaseline on your lips. Firmly wipe off every trace.

Take a Maybelline SuperStay 24 hour lip color. Rest your elbow on the table. Take the applicator out of the tube and scrape off the excess.

From the vertex of your Cupid's bow, draw a line along one side to the highest point of the V. Do the same on the other side of the V. Dip your applicator back in the tube as often as you need to, just don't apply too gloppy a layer or it will be more likely to peel off. From the corner of your upper lip to the point of one V, draw a line in a single movement. Repeat on the other side of your upper lip.

Along the centre edge of your bottom lip, draw a straight line about 1cm long. From the corner of your lower lip, and NOT touching the line at the corner of your upper lip, line from the corner to the centre line in a single movement. Repeat on other side.

At no time must you allow your lips to touch each other or anything else until this entire process is complete. The lines you just drew around your lips must not be outside or inside your natural lip line, but must exactly match it.

Fill in your top lip, blending from the centre outwards. Repeat on bottom lip.

Set a timer for 2 minutes. Remember to make sure your lips don't touch anything, including each other.

When the timer goes off, blot your lips with a single ply of a tissue and apply another coat.

Set a timer for 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, apply a coat of the balm that comes with the tube. Take it with you - you will need to reapply the balm throughout the day to keep the lip colour supple.

Unless you eat oily food, you should find that the lip color lasts more or less all day.

I take one of those little round pillboxes, fill it with loose powder, and apply that once or twice a day if I need to. To apply it, I use one of those little flat wide brushes that you get with blush palettes and throw away, but don't throw it away, use it to apply loose powder. To blot before powdering, use a single ply of a tissue. To comb the powder out of your eyebrows and lashes, take a disposable spoolie that you can order by the package from Amazon and brush them out like that. Throw out the spoolie and replace it every few days.

You may instead want to carry pressed powder, I find it far too greasy so I only use loose. YMMV.

And no I don't use eye makeup remover pads because they pull the skin. I wash off my eye makeup when I wash the rest of my face in the evening, with Cetaphil (2 washes, 1 rinse). If that doesn't appeal, you can use some almond oil on a pad of 100% cotton.
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Nthing Urban Decay setting spray. They make one for dry skin and oily. I use the "All Nighter" which is for dry skin. Highly recommend.
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I don't need that much touchup throughout the day but I did just start using a lip stain and I really recommend anyone trying them out. It's like a marker that you draw on, and then I just use regular old chapstick on top of it, sometimes some shiny lipstick if I'm feeling fancy. It lasts almost all day too, often through coffee and lunch, but I do keep it in my purse in case I want to refresh the color in the afternoon.
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I have oily lids and hooded eyes - Smash Box 24-hour Photo Finish eyeshadow primer keeps any eyeshadow in place all day for me.

For minimal fussiness, I use tinted moisturizer (sometimes BB cream, now Urban Decay Naked tinted moisturizer) and tinted lip balms (I use Burts Bees in pomegranate), which deposit enough color to tint my lips without actually making me leave color behind on things.

For a long time, I couldn't stand mascara and instead used pencil eyeliner and fudged it around through my eyelashes to give depth. I've recently started using liquid eyeliner on the top eye line.

In response to your question, I used to smuggle my makeup to the restroom and apply/touch-up there.
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Came to say that I always use Pond's cold cream to remove makeup, especially waterproof eye makeup. Learned to use it in high school theater with stage makeup, and it works beautifully for regular makeup as well. Apply a dollop, rub it all over your face (and gently over your eyelids and lashes), then wipe off with a warm wet washcloth. Doesn't leave my face greasy or break me out. I tried water-based makeup remover wipes but they just couldn't get everything off as reliably as Pond's. It's just chemistry -- like dissolves like. Most makeup is oil-based, so oil will take it off better than water or alcohol.

As for keeping makeup on in the first place, I have success using Monistat anti-chafing gel (not the yeast infection treatment!) as primer underneath foundation; I read somewhere that it was the same stuff as expensive makeup primer, and it does keep foundation on even with my oily skin. It does tend to make my face break out, though, so I only use it for special occasions. I also use Urban Decay eye primer (and try hard to remember not to rub my eyes to not smear the shadow). Otherwise, I just apply translucent powder over my whole face with a big brush as the last step in application, to set everything (another thing I learned doing high school stage makeup), then re-powder and re-apply lipstick when I use the bathroom during the day.

I don't wear makeup most days and certainly am not an expert, but this is what seems to work okay for me.
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Response by poster: This has been such a helpful thread, thanks everyone! It was great to get a reality check about what an "everyday look" really means to actual people who lead lives somewhat like mine :)
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