What animal is making this night sound in northern Minnesota?
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My parents recorded this sound at about 2:00 AM on a February night in northern Minnesota. I've boosted the gain in Audacity but haven't fiddled with the recording aside from that. It's in a heavily wooded area not far from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. What is the likely source?

It does sound a lot like a coyote, but seems too melodic for me to be sure about that. Next most likely culprit would be some variety of owl, but I couldn't place it on the very useful Cornell Lab of Ornithology site. And it doesn't have the prolonged mournful wail I've heard from wolves.
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sounds like a loon to me. Maybe compare to this video?
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This was in the dead of winter with all lakes frozen over, BTW, so no loons about.
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It sounds like a dog to me, maybe on the smaller side (like 30ish lbs) although my big dogs can make similar light hooty (piss-yourself-if-you-don't-know-it's-them) howls when they hear/smell something especially compelling.
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Actually, my late greyhound had a softer spooky roo that was pretty close to the same pitch. He'd do it when he heard a siren really far away that I couldn't hear.
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Sure sounds like a coyote to my native Minnesotan ear, although I do think it's odd that it sounds that solitary; more often than not you'll hear a chorus of them together with lots of chirping and barking as they discuss whatever it is coyotes discuss.

Little too high from a normal wolf call, being that last year's pups, now 9-12 months old, are at or approaching adult size at this point. Conceivable that it could be a younger, late season pup from last May I suppose.

Maybe it sounds melancholy because it's lonely.
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Sounds like an owl to me, maybe a Barred Owl? I'll see if I can find an example to link to when I get to my computer. I'm on my phone now.
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I think it's too high-pitched and not enough "who cooks for yooooo" to be a Barred (playing the links on that page is making my cat pat the back of my laptop). I think I vote some kind of canine-type mammal.
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We frequently hear coyotes making similar sounds here in Connecticut, so my money is also on coyote. I'm not aware of any owl species whose call sounds like that.
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Sounds like coyote to me. Compare the first vocalization on this recording--yours is pitched a bit lower and no barking, but otherwise extremely similar.
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Sounds like a coyote to me too.
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