needing a doctor in the Flatiron, NYC
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Who is a dependable, open-minded family doctor near the Flatiron District in Manhattan?

I have various symptoms that might require SSRIs or possibly thyroid issues. Most specialists I've looked at don't take my insurance (Aetna).

So I'd like to start with a good overall family doctor with good personal skills and open-minded to help me diagnose this problem. Many doctors I've seen in Manhattan rush you out of the room. I would like some who at least seems compassionate.

I work near the Flatiron building so I figured for convenience sake, I'd start there. Thanks.
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I like Dr. Donna Finkelstein at Beth Israel in Union Square. She is present, knowledgeable, efficient but not rushed (though I doubt she has unlimited time with patients as it is a busy practice). In addition to other positives, is, for example, that I am overweight and have never felt fat-shamed by her. The office and waiting room can be a pain to deal with. I find evening appointments much more pleasant in terms of the waiting room, etc.
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Murray Hill Medical Arts is without a doubt the best practice in NYC on 33 and 1st. I see Karen Young.
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One Medical!
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