Looking for (adult) toy storage
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(NSFW) I am looking for an attractive/somewhat decorative storage solution for our collection of sex toys, lingerie, and related items.

My partner and I would like to buy some kind of storage for sex toys, lingerie, paddles, floggers, etc. We would prefer a pretty piece of furniture, but are open to any other ideas you may have.

The caveat is that we would like to store all of these items in one place, so some lingerie and paddles/etc. will need hanging storage, small toys will need containers or shelves.

What we do not want:

Storing everything in a closet. This is most of our current solution, but we want everything stored out in the bedroom for convenience.

Something designed to hide toys - it does not need to lock. The option would be nice but is definitely not necessary.

Something that is more utilitarian than decorative (like this - I have one of these and it's not what we're looking for).

Building our own. We do not have the tools or space to do this. It will also need to fit through a somewhat narrow apartment door.

Ways to store silicone toys properly. They will be kept in separate bags.

Please suggest anything that fits within these criteria! Being able to store everything in one place is the main thing we're looking for. I'm assuming an armoire would be a good option but would like to do only minimal modifications to get it to store everything. We have not set a budget for this because we're mostly looking into ideas for now.
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Perhaps a lingerie chest? You may find the number of small drawers handy.
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Some sort of Ikea wardrobe? Or other standalone wardrobe. You can hang lingerie and use storage bins and shelving at the top/bottom. Use Command Hooks on the inside of the door for hanging stuff too!
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I've had luck using a wardrobe similar to this one, with free space and several shelves/drawers. I use hooks like this to add hanging storage along the wall above the shelves. They're easy to change out as your needs change.

The same general idea should work for a variety of wardrobe sizes and shapes.
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Or, y'know, what Crystalinne said.
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An ambry is a small fancy cabinet used in a church to store various important objects, ranging from plain simple wood to Trump-esque Byzantine decadence in construction, which you could get from a church supply retailer.
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I think your magic search term is "accent cabinet." There are a million styles out there but here's an inexpensive one from Target that comes in a bunch of colors. You can drill hooks into the sides to hang the paddles, use the drawers for lingerie, and use storage cubes on the shelves to organize different sorts of toys. Before a scene, just put the relevant storage cubes on the top of the cabinet, and bam, you're ready to go, no digging through a closet to find that one anal toy you're looking for.
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You might use the search term "chifforobe" which will generally provide a combination of drawers and hanging storage in a slightly more diminutive size than a typical freestanding armoire. I like this one from West Elm, for example. Use the classier stick-on hooks on the inside of the door for paddles etc.
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Depending on the size of your collection, a jewelry cabinet will work well. They come in a range of sizes and types, but usually have drawers, different sized sections, hanging areas, and locks.
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China cabinets (or linen presses) come in a wide array of styles depending on your esthetic and budget. One with a glass fronted upper and drawers in the hutch would be ideal (or not, I'm not sure if you want to display things) as long as you can remove some or all of the upper shelves. The only draw back is they the uppers are generally 12-15" deep so you wouldn't be able to hang a regular hanger on a side to side rod. However there are all sorts of display hangers that could be attached to the rear panel of the cabinet for clothing. IMO that is a better way to display pretty things anyways. Individual hooks or racks with hooks could be added anywhere for paddles/etc.

As a bonus the larger units are generally two pieces making them easier to move in tight places.
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Oh, and if you go the wardrobe route (which would be my preference - as I want a wardrobe room at some point!) take advantage of the vertical space with various hanging tie clips and also these hanging organizers with pockets would be perfect for lingerie sets, stockings, handcuffs, and toys! (We've been organizing lately, I've got storage on the brain.)
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