why did flash randomly stop working in Firefox 1.0.7 on Linux and how can I get it working again?
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arrrrh. This is probably a stupid question. Flash 7.0.61 plug-in, Firefox 1.0.7, and Linux 2.6.14 : Flash was working. Then it stopped working.

I've tried everything. I didn't update anything. ObjTabs in Adblock are disabled. I even disabled all my extensions. It still isn't working. So I removed libflashplayer.so and flashplayer.xpt from /usr/lib/firefox/plugins and from .mozilla/plugins Firefox told me it was missing a plugin. I then re-installed the flash plugin. Firefox doesn't complain but no Flash is visible. Right clicking where I know there is a movie or a bit of interface shows the usual Flash menu. Googling didn't help. I don't know why Flash disappeared but it wasn't due to any extensions. I'm rather pissed because I can't find anyone with a similar problem and I can't navigate several flash-based sites I visit regularly. Suggestions?
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Look in ~/.firefox/plugins. Putting the flash plugin in there always works for me when things get wonky.
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Flash Player creates a config dir in ~/.macromedia
Have you tried removing it completely and seeing if Flash automagically recreates it?
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The relevant files are in these locations on my machine:

Also, try removing all extensions, rather than just disabling them. Adblock comes with its own wrapper for flash objects, I think. Probably not the problem, but you never know.
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Do you have adblock on in firefox?
Just last week i went to a friends house to fix just this issue. A very quick search on goggle led me to this post and sure enough adblock was the culprit.
On preview "but you never know"
I'm feeling recursive......
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I've had problems with both flashblock and adblock with Flash. In all cases, the solutions was to completely remove both extensions, reinstall flash, then reinstall the extensions.
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I had the same problem, went through basically the same steps, and met with the same failure. Uninstalling Adblock fixed it.
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