iPhone apps with unconventional design, behaviors and transitions?
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What are some iPhone apps with unconventional and interesting design / behaviors / transitions?

I want to show a client what can be done with an iPhone app and all they've really experienced up until now is a standard tab bar, left-right navigation, etc. What are some apps that really push the limit?
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VSCO might qualify. It certainly takes a while to figure out.
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Tweetbot has some fun and interesting behaviors that are useful and not weird for the sake of being weird.
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Star walk is a favorite.
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I'd take a look at the new Quartz app, which spins reading the day's news into a unique conversational paradigm.
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Black (a photo app) has a mechanism where you pull down to cycle through the navigation. Admittedly the menu is simple enough that this can work.
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I like some of the swipe navigation elements of Facebook's Paper app.
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bigstopwatch by Yuki Yasoshima is one of my favorite basic apps that eschews standard app design and is dead simple to use.
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I would argue that Snapchat refuses to follow most iOS interface paradigms to it's own detriment, as it's one of the most shittily opaque apps in recent memory.
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Seconding a look at Snapchat, the Kai's Power Tools of iOS, except with a more incomprehensible interface.
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Sky Guide. It's interface is amazing, especially on an iPad.
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The two I have been referencing recently is Snapchat mentioned above and the Refinery29 AM app.
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I don't know that I would say it pushes any limits, but there is an interesting gestural jukebox app called Listen that might fit the bill.
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Though old and sort of unstable, the Radiolab app has unique navigation. You move from section to section by scrolling along ye olde radio dial on the right side, which causes the background to change as you propel through a collage-style city before soaring up through the atmosphere to space. With cows. It costs a few bucks - here's a video demo.

Another oldie, Clear is an entirely gesture-based to-do list app.
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Workflowy is gesture-based but in a very different way from Clear. Both are very interesting.
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