Are These Fifteen Daggers I See Before Me?
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Over the course of a number of years, my father-in-law gifted my wife with a goodly amount of (mostly decorative) daggers and knives. They're the kind of cheap/expensive stuff you'd see at renn faires, which is to say mass-produced, but ornate and probably worth from $75-$200. We would like to sell or just get rid of most of these somehow but aren't sure how to go about it.

It would be ideal if we could sell them, but I have no idea what the legality involved in this is, or even if giving them away to charity would put Goodwill in an awkward situation. If I did want to sell such a thing, where would I do it? A pawn shop, I guess? I've never sold to a pawn shop before and the idea isn't super appealing, but I suppose I'd do it if it got them off my hands. Any advice is appreciated. I'm in Texas, just in case that's pertinent.
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eBay has loads of this sort of thing - search for "collectible dagger". I doubt there would be any more issue mailing these than there would be for kitchen knives. As long as none of them are switchblades, that is.

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Selling knives is not illegal. Ebay is a good solution, as is Etsy. You will get a better price if you sell them individually as opposed to as a lot, but you'll have to deal with packaging and shipping them all one by one, which might be more trouble than you're willing to go. Pawn shops will give you terrible prices, but it will be quick.

As an alternative, are there any shops around you that specialize in merchandise of this sort? Either shops that cater to the ren faire crowd, or places that feature fantasy weaponry along with regular hunting knives and so on?

You could call and arrange to stop by with the collection and see if they will take it off your hands for a reasonable price.
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This is the Facebook page for the SCA in Texas

This is the SCA yard Sale Facebook group.

I'm pretty sure if you take some photos and post one of those places, you'll find someone to take them off your hands at a pretty reasonable price.
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You could also see if there's a knife sharpener or other knife store that might buy them or take them on consignment. But yeah, there's a market for this sort of thing. I've bought knives/swords on Ebay as well (and if you were to memail me links to sale pages I'd look with interest.)
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