Is there a NICE credit-card multitool out there?
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Is there such a thing as a really nice, possibly handmade, credit-card-sized multitool? Examples of what I'm NOT looking for below the fold.

These look flimsy and poorly-made:

Tool Logic with knife, flashlight, firestarter

Not sure this would survive one use of the wrench

I do like that the Tool Logic one has a knife. I'm not particularly worried about cost.
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The Leatherman Micra? I've owned several Leatherman multitools, though not the Micra, and love their durability and usefulness.
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Peter Atwood has made credit card tools in the past. They're probably hard to find and expensive now, but certainly high-quality. Example.
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Mr. Arkham has one of these and he loves it.
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Atwood's stuff is gorgeous. Very well made, and beautiful finish.
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Is there such a thing as a really nice, possibly handmade, credit-card-sized multitool?
These look flimsy and poorly-made:

You're dealing with a thin piece of flat metal. They will all look flimsy. You can't exactly observe the alloy of a metal from an Amazon screenshot.

That said, titanium alloys won't be cheap or easy to work with. Perhaps the better choice here is to embrace disposable culture and buy multiple, to replace the one you carry after use. For example, kevin mitnick's business card is sold for five dollars, and isn't designed to store the tools after use. Whether that generalizes to something more general than picking locks I can't say.
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I own the second one you linked, OP. I can't say I've tried using it attached to a wrench, but I will say that it's been very durable and extremely useful. ((It looks like it's the same one that MonkeyToes linked.))
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I have that second one as well. It's pretty sturdy— I just tried wrenching some things with it and it didn't seem to mind. (I did manage to mar the finish by pitting it against a 1/4-in hex driver.) It's 1/16 inch of reasonably hard steel, so it's a solid object. I've been carrying it in my wallet for a year or two now with no signs of it bending or anything.

The wrench slots are only good for imperial sizes, I think.
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If you can find one on eBay (as much as I regret when people sell their Atwood tools there) or some other second hand source they are very nice. He has made one very similar to the amazon link you posted.
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