How do I get tickets to Barcelona v Arsenal?
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I am an American and a soccer fan. I will be in Barcelona on Wednesday March 16, when Barcelona play Arsenal in a Champions League match. How do I get tickets?

I realize that nearly all tickets will be sold to Barcelona and Arsenal fans, but there has to be a way to purchase tickets on the secondary market. In the USA, we have stub-hub. There must be something similar in Europe. I am willing to spend the money necessary to get tickets.

I found a web-site called They seem to have tickets for sale. Does anyone know this site? Is that a reputable place to buy tickets?

Any thoughts on how I can get into this game would be greatly appreciated.
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Best answer: Viagogo is definitely reputable; they have partnerships with a number of big clubs in Europe to handle ticket resales.
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Barcelona tickets are on StubHub as well, though there aren't currently any tickets listed for that game.
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I've also used ticketbis -- if you intend to support Arsenal, be aware that they take the seating restrictions quite seriously. If you turn up with an Arsenal shirt and try to sit in a section other than that allocated for away fans, you may well get the boot.
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Not may, you will get the boot. Football fans in Europe are completely segregated, away fans are kept separate from home fans, and in most games you'll get yourself kicked out pretty quickly if you're obviously in the wrong section.

Not to say it doesn't happen, but if you're wearing an away shirt or cheering for the away team scoring in the home end, or vice versa, you'll be removed from the venue.
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Getting the boot is probably the best of the potential outcomes anyhow...
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Best answer: I've used both Viagogo and Ticketbis as an American buying tickets for English/European football matches. Both reputable. No issues.
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Response by poster: Used viagogo. It worked great. Game was great. Thank you!!
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