Animated movies that don't end happily ever after?
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I'm looking for kids/animated movies where things don't end happily ever after. Think the opposite of every '90s Disney movie where love conquers all, etc. In fact, tragic endings are preferable. And no singing is a must.
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Grave of the Fireflies.
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Lots of Studio Ghibli's work fits the description.

Akira isn't really for kids but it's gritty and dark.
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Apart from Grave of the Fireflies (which, yep) the first Rurouni Kenshin OVA ends in the most depressing notes. If you accept the three-part OVA of Berserk.... ditto.
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There's a whole lot of death in Watership Down. I remembered it as being quite cute and a few years ago decided to show it to my 7 year old niece. As it went on I realised it's basically a slasher movie with animated rabbits.
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The 1975 Japanese version of The Little Mermaid sticks closely to Hans Christian Anderson's original story and is hence a total bummer (and slightly scary when you're 6 years old). We watched both this and the Disney one growing up - they're night and day.
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The Plague Dogs is pretty miserable, as I recall...
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All Dogs Go to Heaven technically has a happy ending for Anne Marie, but the happy ending is "get visited by the ghost of your dead best friend in your bedroom at your adopted parent's home where you are finally being cared for after a short lifetime of being orphaned, neglected, and exploited."

The ultra bummer is when you google the voice actress who performed Anne Marie, Judith Barsi. I regularly refer to her as "the saddest Wikipedia entry." Read at your own peril.

I would say that Don Bluth movies are generally "Disney Movies but darker" - I remember Little Foot's mom's death in Land Before Time more than anything else. There is singing, though.
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Snoopy, Come Home! is a tearjerker.
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Disney's The Fox and the Hound.
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When the Wind Blows
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I'm seconding Song of the Sea. My wife and I saw it recently, knowing nothing about it, and wow, what a beautiful story, and so, so Irish.
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Check out Warner Bros animation for DC superheroes -- Batman, Superman, etc. Sure, the heroes win, but it's often bittersweet. For example, The Flashpoint Paradox is entirely about accepting the truth of death and loss.

Similarly, the Gargoyles animated series was entirely bittersweet endings. The heroes weren't ever going to get a truly happy ending.
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The Illusionist (Note: the 2010 one is animated; there's a different, live-action movie of the same title but otherwise no relation)
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Twilight of the Cockroaches
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Barefoot Gen. Also, the anime series Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

But Grave of The Fireflies wins for saddest movie ever, I think.
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Iron Giant.
The first 10 minutes of Up.
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I saw The Sea Prince and the Fire Child when I was younger and the sadness stuck with me forever - I don't remember the details, but it's based on Romeo and Juliet so it's pretty safe to say that it doesn't end well!

(also +1 for the Japanese Little Mermaid. I think there is a random bit of singing but it's totally the opposite to the Disney version)
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Iron Giant, for sure.
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+1 fox and the hound. Romeo and Julliet but for animal friends.
Even more sad if you see it as an allegory for class struggles and the importance of early childhood experiences being nurturing and not abusive.

The Last Unicorn About looking for your tribe, and looking for yourself. She does not end up with the sweet geeky prince either.

Both have songs tho - please forgive them this, they are tragic beautiful movies.
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Another vote for The Iron Giant. I tear up at the thought of that movie, which I saw when my 20-something kids were little. Also, I don't remember the ending, but The Brave Little Toaster was pretty dark.
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Disney's The Little Match Girl.
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The Lorax

Not the recent remake, which I haven't seen (and for all I know turns things around so there is a happy ending -- to, you know, protect the children) but the original, from 1972, which replicates the Dr. Seuss (and even has bonus scenes, if you're familiar with the book).
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Ringing Bell, I used to rent this Japanese anime from the children's section of my local video store in the eighties, over and over. It had an, effect, on me, that's for sure.
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Some may argue, but I would say Pan's Labyrinth does not have a happy ending.
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And then there is a movie with bonus testicles to go along with the bittersweet ending: Pom Poko
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Mouse and his child was disturbing, I can't remember the actual ending though, does anyone else?
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Bugs I saw this film in IMAX in Los Angeles with an audience of children who were devastated when the preying mantis ate the butterfly at the end. I thought the photography was beautiful.
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No one has mentioned The Snowman yet? That one gets me.
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Oh and how could I forget The Neverending Story. The hero fails and his horse dies. No songs.

The original Frosty the Snowman. Spoiler: he melts.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! Very helpful. I plan on watching all the ones that I can.
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Animated, not a kids' movie: Perfect Blue. (spoilers abound)
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Since you seem to be okay with anime - A lot of Makoto Shinkai's works are pretty depressing.
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Triplets of Belleville doesn't end tragically, but it's pretty dark and weird (it was rated PG-13, and isn't really intended for kids). There's one fun, jazzy song that gets reprised a couple of times.

Gandahar (also known as Light Years) is a French dystopian movie with a pretty downer ending. It's not violent so much as disquieting and weird, if I recall--I haven't seen it since I was a kid.
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