Science-fiction books from India?
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Hi guys, does anyone have recommendations for titles or authors to discover Indian "sci-fi" books or authors?

I loved the Three Body Problem, which to me seemed like sci-fi from a Chinese perspective, I love Stanislaw Lem for his east-european outlook and recently had an afro-futurism period... Now I'm curious, is there an "Indian" Three Body Problem / Lagoon / Solaris out there?
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Best answer: It's a short story collection rather than a novel, but check out The Woman who Thought She was a Planet by Vandana Singh
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Best answer: Amitav Ghosh's Calcutta Chromosome?
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Best answer: Ian McDonald is British, but he wrote two books set in a future India: River of Gods (which won a British Science Fiction Association award) and Cyberabad Days (a collection of short stories and a novella).
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Best answer: While not strictly sci-fi, you should definitely check out Sunil Patel - I suggest either The Merger, and Marcie's Waffles Are The Best In Town as starting points.

In the interest of transparency, Sunil has been a friend for the last 15 years, but has nothing to do with this recommendation - I just think he's a wonderful author.
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Best answer: Samit Basu's Turbulence is a fun superhero novel.
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Best answer: Somewhat dated, and not really hard SF, but Professor Shonku adventures by Satyajit Ray.
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Best answer: Strange Horizons had this roundtable a couple of years ago, which I vaguely remembered but have not read in detail.

I am absolutely desperate to read Indrapramit Das's novel The Devourers, which is fantasy but, uh, fantasy is sort of connected to SF in the popular imagination?

This is a great question! I am going to share these recommendations with my SF class.
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Best answer: Also, I love The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet. Just wonderful stuff.
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Someone on Quora asked the same thing!
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Are you looking for "Indian" as in southern Asia, or are you looking for "Indian" as in Native American or indigenous fiction?
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Response by poster: India the nation, primarly, but all of SE Asia is interesting too. Am not ignoring you, Americas, just, currently curious about India. Awesome answers so far!
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Best answer: It's no longer updated, but you could check out the World SF Blog, edited by Lavie Tidhar and originally set up to promote a short story collection, now in four volumes, the Apex Book of World SF - I've only read the second volume which was pretty good. Looks like the 3rd and 4th have a bunch of authors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka...
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Best answer: Nilanjana Roy's The Wildings is an incredible book about a band of stray cats living in New Delhi.

The 3 anthologies of Blaft's Tamil Pulp Fiction feature some suitably over-the-top (but excellent) pulpy science fiction.

Seconding Ghosh's Calcutta Chromosome and Basu's Turbulence.

A few comic book recommendations:

The work of Sarnath Bannerjee might be of interest- weird, fantasy-esque comics set in modern Indian cities.

The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is a comic book about a speculative history of SF/F comics from Singapore. It's hard to describe, but is easily one of the best comics I've ever read.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much everyone, this is wonderful. I've marked all the answers as best, because you guys are the best.
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