What is the name of this classic Sci-Fi story?
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I'm looking for the name of this classic SF story about a handful of astronauts stranded in space in radio contact but slowly drifting away from each other and running out of air.

It's not this question, as the astronauts are floating in open space.

I no there are some dramatic reveals about their relationships but none of the characters are particularly interesting. I think its from the 60s, and I remember the tone being Asimov-y.

I'm thinking about seeing 'Gravity' and wanted to tell my dad about this story for comparison, but I can't find it on Mefi or Google. I know I've seen this story asked about before on AskMefi. THANKS!
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Best answer: Sounds like "Kaleidoscope" by Ray Bradbury.
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Response by poster: I was just about to post that it's not Kaleidoscope, I think the tone is starker, more like a horror story.
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Response by poster: But I may be remembering it wrong. I dislike Bradbury and probably blocked out all of the treacly details.
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Asimov, Maelstrom, inspired by Poe. (Sorry, typing on phone)
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Best answer: I remember reading that. It ends with one of them burning up in Earth's atmosphere, and a kid on the ground making a wish on the shooting star.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's the one, Thanks Tsuga!
My memory is apparently very selective when describing stories.
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I read a short story that was almost certainly a tribute to this- a group of astronauts/colony ship gets sent out just as WW3 is starting, and gets destroyed. They drift eventually back into Earths atmosphere. Can;t remember who did it or where I read it, yay.
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I believe this was on the radio, too. Something like "X minus One," or some such show. I was lying on our front lawn. My mother sat on the porch in the dark. I was looking at the night sky. The radio played, just loud enough for me to hear it clearly.

I believe I was about nine years old then.
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mule98J, it aired on "Dimension X," and can be heard here (quality so-so but listenable) which aired September 15th ,1951.

I love X Minus One-- that intro is one of my favorite things to hear. Dimension X's intro is weaksauce by comparison, but both shows are good for short mid-century SF.
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Kaleidoscope also heavily inspired the final act of John Carpenter's and Dan O'Bannon's film Dark Star, which despite the comedy, also had notes of horror. Maybe that's what you remember?
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