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I need advice on the nuts and bolts of getting from the Centro area of Merida to Cancun by bus.

My wife and I have a Mexican vacation booked for next month, and we're STOKED. Flying into Merida, staying for a few days in the Centro, then hopping over to Cancun and then ferrying over to Isla Mujeres. The one piece still dangling is the bus trip from Merida to Cancun. What's the best way to do that?

Relevant details: trip would happen on 3/22. We're staying at Luz En Yucatan, Calle 55 #499 between 60 and 58 Centro, right between the Santa Lucia Church and Hotel San Juan. I can read Spanish decently, but don't 100% trust my speaking ability, especially under pressure.

Any suggestions / tips, the more concrete the better, would be much appreciated.
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ADO operates a bus service between Merida and downtown Cancun. Buses start from ADO Came (the main bus terminal at Merida); some of them stop in front of Fiesta Americana. We had found it easy to find taxis from both locations (we had accidentally gone to ADO Came at Merida when arriving from Cancun and took a cab back to hotel in the Fiesta Americana area for 50 pesos). The buses are air-conditioned, fast, completely convenient and somewhat boring.

I believe that there is also a second class bus service between Merida and Cancun that takes considerably longer (it takes a longer route and stops everywhere). I dont have the coordinates for that.

If you wanted to - you could also find taxis from Merida to Cancun. That is neither necessary, not cheap.

Keep in mind that the downtown Cancun bus terminal (where ADO will drop you off) is not near anything touristy. You'll need to take a taxi or a bus to your destination.

Good luck with your trip.
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Take a taxi to ADO CAME from your hotel. You can book your bus ticket online, or just buy it when you get there. The tickets are around MX$364 and the trip takes 4:25.

Where are you staying in Cancun? You can take another ADO bus from the Cancun Bus Station to the Airport, or take an urban bus to the tourist area (Route 1).
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The folks at Luz En Yucatan will be very helpful, LOVE that place! justlooking has what you need to get out of Merida. I've never had any luck booking on-line. To get from Cancun Centro bus terminal to the Isla Mujeres ferry is as easy as walking out the front door of the terminal to the taxi cue, walking up to the first taxi and saying "Isla Mujeres." The Taxi wrangler usually has a rate card for common trips, or you can ask your driver how much before you get in. Asking within earshot of the other drivers helps keep them honest, although I've never had a problem at the bus station with price gouging. Have fun! Merida is one of my most favorite cities in the world.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all!
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Response by poster: And for posterity, all of the answers in this thread were dead-on: booked bus ticket through hotel lobby, got a cab to CAME, had a boring bus ride, easily got a cab to the ferry terminal. If you're reading this because you have a similar question, fear not, it's super easy.
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