Moving hinges on existing door
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I have a nice, 1.5" solid core interior door. I would like to move it from one doorway to another. Size is perfect, but the hinges are placed differently on the door than the receiving doorway. What kind of thing should I buy to reposition the hinges? Difficulty level: Wood door, metal industrial hinges, metal doorway.

Right now the hinges are several inches mismatched between the existing doorway and the existing door. I am assuming the easiest change is to remove the hinges on the door and put them in a new location rather than try to move the hinge on the metal doorframe.
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Response by poster: (If you can include a link to a seller of a hinge kit that you think might work, that would be great. I tried but couldn't figure out what the right thing to do was)
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I'm not aware of an all-in-one do-it-yourself kit for installing door hinges, but here are some templates that can be used with an appropriately set-up router.

It is also possible to install hinges with hand tools (chisels) if you know what you're doing, but it's not an easy job for a beginner.
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If it is interior, it is probably 1 3/8", unless it is the door from house to garage, where it will be 1 3/4" - and probably a fire rated door.
You haven't mentioned how the lockset hardware matches up. it is more difficult to reposition in the wood door than the hinges, and in most cases, it is better to modify the strike (hole were latch goes in) in the fame than change where it is in the door and have it both structurally sound and look decent.
Hanging a door is not easy period, hanging a used door in an existing frame is even worse.
I've done both plenty of times, and it is a PITA with a used door in a wood frame that is easy to modify.
From asking "what thing should I buy" I infer that this is something you have not done before and are not familiar with. You might consider getting someone to do it for you. It might be less hassle in the long run to get a new door leaf (the actual door) so it can be fitted to the frame without the hindrance of mis-positioned hardware to start off with.
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Perhaps if you post some photos, it would be easier for people to help you.
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Pencil to mark the new location. Wood chisel to remove the wood from the new location and set the hinges flush. There's no tool for this (well there is, but you don't need to invest in one for a single door), you just do it.
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You can move the door and move the hinges to the new location by chiseling the wood door. You will need to place a thin piece of similar wood in the side of the door for each unused hinge slot, for a good appearance. Likewise, you should place wood in the old door frame to fill in the hinge slots.
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