Splicing carpet over backing - what's the trick?
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I'm installing carpet, and have the tack strips down around the edge of the concrete floor. There is a splice however. Obviously the backing doesn't go over the tack strip. Does it go under the splice?

So how do I splice given the backing? I've got double sided tape for the splice, do I put it on top of the backing? Cut away backing on both sides of the splice for it to coast down to the concrete? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with my plan?
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Is the splice in the carpet, tack strip or foam pad (if this what you mean by backing)?

If you are splicing the carpet usually the splicing tape goes the complete length of the splice. However I've never used a double sided carpet seam tape so I'm not really sure what you are doing. The carpet has to be able to float over the subfloor and pad so it can stretch when it is kicked in. Sticking to the floor will prevent that.
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Thanks. So, subfloor is concrete. Lay down carpet padding (the special undercarpet stuff, bought it in carpet store). Then one-sided tape straddling the splice underneath?
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Yep. Make sure you get the grain in the carpet lined up (and any pattern if it has one).

However it isn't just any old tape you use; the correct tape has a heat activated adhesive and it is installed with a special iron which can be rented.

Internet searching reveals there may be other ways to do it; I've only ever seen the hot iron tape method.
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I haven't laid carpet, but I've ripped out a fair bit, and I've never seen double-sided seam tape either. I've also only ever seen the single-sided iron-on kind; glue side down over joints in the underlay, glue side up under joints in the carpet.
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YouTube is, as ever for DIY, indispensable.
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Thanks. Yes, I went youtube first and several different methods were listed. None of them that I found addressed the issue of the the underpadding though, hence my question.

Some mentioned tape directly to the floor, and I aws hoping to avoid the hot glue gun but I guess it's off to Bob's Rentals for me. it did always sound sketchy.

Also not addressed -- should I put in tack strip along seams? I'm guessing not because it would leave a lump in the carpet.
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No, just the edges.
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Plot twist! I ended up building a wall over the carpet splice to calve off a new bedroom. Bet you didn't see that coming!
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