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What buyers' guides based on release dates and announcements do as well as MacRumors does for Apple products? I'm specifically interested in GPUs, but I'd be interested to hear about any other product categories covered so helpfully.
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I'm probably a good person to take a hit at it since I visit MacRumors daily, but I'm really stumped at this one.

My best recommendation is to visit forums instead of this site. If you're needing GPU info for a niche field like video editing then a video editing forum will be MUCH better equiped to help your specific questions than metafilter.

There are no GPU specific guides that I'm aware of. I would be surprised if there were--who is that passionate about the subject to create such a thing? Most people only get interested when they are about to upgrade and then forget everything until the next upgrade. Since this is quickly moving tech, it just makes more sense to only check in when you have to.

Narrow your question.
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