Why does yogurt make my front teeth feel loose?
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I know this seems like a really silly question, and I would never even think that yogurt could possibly damage my teeth, but I actually have two front teeth that are already somewhat loose and that I never use to bite into anything hard. And eating yogurt just seems to affect my front teeth, which feel all wiggly, but once I rinse my mouth out with water, they're fine again. I'd just like to understand what is happening here.
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Would it have something to do with the cold? Maybe if your gums contract with the cold, it makes your teeth a liiitle looser?
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This happens to me too! It's a really weird sensation that my teeth are all just a little loose and move slightly if I press my tongue on them. I just try to eat it and ignore because it always goes away. Glad to see I am not the only one.. And it's only yogurt. Not applesauce or ice cream or soup... Etc..
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I wonder if it has something to do with the lactic acid in the yogurt.
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Acidity + tactile sensations. The inside of your mouth is a lot like skin.
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I get this with food textures I don't enjoy (mostly dried fruit), so it could be a sensory thing.
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