Yes really ear pain
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Why does eating yogurt (particulary greek) make the area under my ears hurt?

I suppose this could also be called, the upper sides of my jaw. Anyways, for as long as I can remember eating yogurt has made this part of my face ache. It lasts only as long as the yogurt does. I have no health issues that I can think of that involves this.
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Ice cream headache?
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I don't know, but me too. (And no, it's not an ice cream headache. Different spot entirely, different kind of pain.)

For me, some other tangy/sour foods do the same thing. Lemonade sometimes, f'rinstance.
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Too tangy?
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Best answer: I think the Greek yogurt is so tangy that your salivary glands just work overtime as you eat it. Your parotid gland is right where you describe the feeling, and it's the largest of the salivary glands.
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Does this happen with other sour foods? I get this when I eat a significant amount of sour things. A little vinegar or lemon juice won't do it, but a handful of those crazy-sour candies all at once will produce that sensation in the same area. More mentions here, and here (shudder).
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Response by poster: This doesn't happen with other sour foods ... I am a big sour food fan. It also happens for "sweeter" yogurt varieties, to a lesser extent. Thanks all so far-did not think to search on booze/other foods..
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Best answer: It happens to me with some booze. You can see a discussion here about it. Basically, it's probably your salivary glands.
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THANK YOU, The corpse in the library. I've had this for years (I even posted an AskMe about it). With me it only happens with alcohol. Your link had the best info about it I've read, though I'm a bit confused as to why it's being discussed on alt.usage.english.
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Ooh, I get that too, usually with vinegary-sour foods. Thanks for asking, shownomercy!
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psst, grumblebee: food is officially On Topic at AUE, and it's food-related.
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I had that pain when I had the mumps a few years ago. One way to test for the mumps is to eat a dill pickle or lemon to see if it affects your salivary glands in the way you describe.
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Piscean, as a child my mom had the pickle test to confirm that she did have mumps, and she remembers it as the second most painful experience in her life, other than childbirth.

She described the feeling after eating it not just as pain, but almost a paralysis of the neck/jaw/face. I don't think the OP would be able to continue eating sour/tangy foods if it was mumps!
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This happens to me when I drink alcohol too, so I don't drink anymore. The pain is terrible. it's like pins are being shoved into your head just below your ears. Stupid inferior parotid glands.
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