Help me spend my travel budget!
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Help me spend my travel budget!

I've got about $1,400 in my travel budget that I need to spend by the end of this fiscal year end (June) or I'll lose it. I'd very much like to go to a conference or training session in New York. (Other possibilities, in descending order of preference: Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle. Greatly prefer New York, though, since I've never been there.) I'm a graphic artist who publishes an alumni magazine and advises a yearbook staff for a small, private college, so the conference must aleast obliquely apply to that general field. School is out May 4, 2006. Something between that date and, say, June 30, would be perfect. Can you help me out? I've had no luck finding ANYthing.
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Best answer: How 'bout the MacLive Conference ("the learning conference for creative professionals"), sponsored by Layers magazine (Adobe)? It'll be at the Javits Center (NYC) from May 11-13. Obviously Mac-centric, but Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. shouldn't be a tough sell even if you're on PCs, right?
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HOW June 12-15, Las Vegas.
AIGA in Aspen, June 20-23. (There's also an AIGA meeting in New York next fall, if you can budget next year's allowance for then).
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Response by poster: Oooh. Great options. I am a Mac guy, rob511, so the MacLive Conference is a great option. And Colorado in June, fionab? What could be better?! I'll check them both out. Anyone else have an idea?
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InDesign Conference May 15 - 18th, Chicago
Creative Suite Conference May 18 - 20th, Chicago (double whammy!)
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