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Seeking reccomendations for music with Dutch vocals, any dialect, any genre.
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Jacques Brel's Flemish-language songs are a good place to start (especially if you compare the ones with French versions); or Liesbeth List's covers of same.
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Trumpett is a semi-famous tape label from the early 80's that distributed mostly minimal new wave and electro wave. They're re-realeasing all the old tapes onto cd!
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In the genre 'Farmers Rock' I would recommend the band Normaal. They're from the eastern part of the Netherlands commonly known as 'De Achterhoek'. If you have a map of Holland it's in the area of Enschede.

From one of their most famous songs 'Oerend Hard' you can find the text here.

You can download an mp3 here.
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Raymond van het Groenewoud (specifically: 'Twee meisjes op het strand', 'Gelukkig zijn', 'Je veux l'aumour' - title is French, song is Dutch, and it's guaranteed to give you goosebumps)

Noordkaap ('Satelliet Suzy', 'Ik hou van u', 'Arme Joe')

Gorky or Gorki: be sure to listen to 'Mia', which has been at the top of all the "timeless" Xmas lists of Belgian radiostations for years now.
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I enjoy some of Marco Borsato's songs. Binnen and Slaap Maar. He's basically adult contemporary.

There was a ska band called Doe Maar that I heard some tracks by a while back that I enjoyed, too.
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Guus Meeuwis ( student folk)
Andre Hazes ( folk)
Marco Borsato ( pop)
De Dijk ( pop rock)
Van Dik Hout ( Stil In Mij is one of my favorites) ( pop rock)
Doe Maar ( ska reggea)
Ali B. ( Dutch Marocan rap)
De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig ( Watsekeburt was #1, rap)
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Let me add:

Blof (rock)
Acda en de Munnik (Beatle-esque pop)

And I'll second "De Dijk".
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... and Rowwen Heze, if you're interested in dialects (they're from Limburg).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! I was familiar with Groenewoud (who I like, and have seen live twice), Doe Maar (less so, on both counts), and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (who, incendentally, have the best band name in music today).
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Zita Swoon has a pretty dedicated following in Belgium. Best described as a rock band I guess.
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Except of course that their lyrics are in English! I am not smart.
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