Seeking a comprehensive list of internet forum communities
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Does there exist an updated catalog or wiki list of internet forums and web communities living and dead over the coarse of the internet's history?
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Given how many secret/private forums there are, I seriously doubt it.
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"comprehensive" seems...unfeasible?

Anyone with a few bucks can spin up a cloud server, set up a forum, invite their friends to have a chat and then shut it down again right away. Bring it back a week later at a different IP/URL just for kicks.
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No sure there is one - Maybe try contacting boardreader and see if they'd be willing to share a list ?
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(I ran something a long time ago that ended up cited in journals a few times; I'm confident it's not in any directories/catalogs/etc in 2015. Also,, not possible.)
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Nthing above answers. It's not just a scale problem--although the scale would be massive. It's also a problem of many forums being non-discoverable by machines or humans, because they're hidden behind a login or one of many other measures designed to keep the public out.
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I remember this being a thing way back when
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