History of coffee and tea
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I have been a tea-favorer for many years. I have recently discovered that coffee is pretty good. I'm interested in reading some good histories on both plants/beverages. I am not averse to dry texts, so don't feel restricted to pop-ish books! Who has written the best history/histories on coffee and tea?
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Previously, at least on the tea side.
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TEA: A History of Addiction, Exploitation, and Empire was enjoyable when I read it years ago.
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Ralph Hattox's book Coffee and Coffeehouses is a very readable scholarly history of the role of coffee in Islam. Lots of fun stuff about sultans' attempts to regulate coffee, arguments about whether it is an intoxicant, etc.
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Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergrast is pretty good, but I found it to focus a lot more on the history of advertising in America as opposed to coffee. Still has lots of good info about the history of coffee though.
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I really liked The True History of Tea by Victor H. Mair and Erling Hoh, it's very comprehensive and wide-ranging.
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There's an In Our Time on tea...
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I haven't read Empire of Tea: The Asian Leaf that Conquered the World but read a review of it in London Review of Books that made me want to (note there is another book around with a similar title - this one only came out in 2015).

For coffee, I have read and recommend God in a Cup: The Obsessive Search for the Perfect Coffee. Not exactly history, but a very good coffee read.
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The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo is a classic on the philosophy, culture, and history of tea in Asia. It's short, but it changed my thinking on tea, art, and possibly life in general.
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Your search ends here.
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For tea, try The New Tea Companion, by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson. They also wrote A Social History of Tea.
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