2015 Gift Guide
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So in the vain of this question .... Whats is the best gift guide? New? Unique? What are you giving this year? What should I get my step mother who I have nothing in common with?
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I like The Wirecutter recommendations.

Otherwise, candlesticks always make a nice gift.
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Gift giving isn't about what you have in common. It's about what the recipient would like. What are her interests? What's your budget?
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fuzzy comfy socks
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Slate has a nice one.
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Picture frames are my go-to gifts when I need something nice but not personal. There's a huge variety in sizes, materials, fanciness, and prices.
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If you live in different places, a locally themed gift can be fun--box of chocolates from a famous candy shop, a bottle of maple syrup, local wine or beer or spirits, handmade candles, local artisan's textiles, jewelry (if she wears jewelry), nearby farm's famous hot sauce.

I've decided that as a librarian, I get to be the giver of book gifts, so you could also have your own personal giving theme. I like the NPR Best Books of 2015 and Kirkus Best Books of 2015 lists. Aim for coffee table style books if you're not familiar with the person's reading habits.
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High quality fragrant soap or related hand/body/bath things. I'm not particularly into soaps but I like receiving them now and then.

A couple of brands to get you started: L'Occitane and Pre de Provence.
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I got my parents Star Wars tickets to the new luxury movie theater. They would never in a million years pay $18 per person for a movie ticket, so it's a great gift. My usual gift-giving advice is to buy a fancier/nicer version of something the person loves/wants/needs than they would ever buy for themselves. Fancier chocolate, nicer towels, luxurious soap, better seats for theater tickets, a higher-end wine glass, etc.
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