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I collect a lot of data about myself. I want to aggregate all this stuff in one place for personal use.

I use RescueTime, Runkeeper, a Withings scale, a FitBit, and I make posts on Twitter and occasionally Facebook. I'll probably collect other data about myself as well at some point.

I am comfortable with computers, but not comfortable enough that I really know where to start. First, I would like to be able to get all this data in one place.

Then, I want to have a system to allow me to visually compare data from different sources over time, so that I can see, for example, that on days that I run on my treadmill for 1 hour I also work more productively. It would probably also be nice if I could integrate data from other places, like the weather, or even the top news headline.

I'm seeing this as sort of a 21st century diary, so I also the data to be archivable and formatted for long-term access and use.

I'm happy to spend a lot of time figuring this out, learning to code and hacking away at things. I know some very basic things in html, perl, javascript, and so on. I do not know Python or Ruby. I am definitely willing to learn, but I would like to learn things specifically in relation to this project. I imagine Python would be good for this, for example, but I want to learn the stuff I need to know to get data from other sources and aggregate and display it in one place. I find the generic "101" stuff to be not focused enough on my own goals to keep my interest.

So, where do I start? Does this already exist out there somewhere? If not, how do I build it?
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Response by poster: Oh! I also use Sleep Cycle on my phone to log sleep data, and would like to integrate this as well.
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Old school: I think you can probably export the data to .csv files, make tables using the headings that appear*, use the date for each entry as the unique identifier for each table, and throw them into a database like Microsoft Access. Then, construct queries to relate information bound to the date from different tables. Last time I used Access, the Help tutorials were pretty useful, and I'm sure there are YouTube videos as well.

*If the names of some headings are repeated in different tables, change one of them slightly, to avoid possible issues.

Data export info:
Twitter (Quora page, not sure if current)
FB (haven't tried this, you may find something easier)
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(Here's one for SleepCycle.)

Looks like ZenoBase is a popular tool people use for the aggregation and analysis.
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You can use IFTTT to automatically transfer at least some of these data into Google drive spreadsheets and manipulate it from there. FitBit and WiThings for sure.
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You should check https://gyrosco.pe/. They aggregate all the data you are collecting.
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