Cheese as a weapon of war?
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Help! I have a scene from a movie (or possibly a TV show) stuck in my head, and I cannot remember from where it comes. A small country, whose primary export is stinky cheese, is at war with its neighbors. I'd thought it was The Mouse That Roared, but that's about wine, not cheese.

The scene that I specifically remember is an animated map showing a large green cloud of stinky cheese odor being blown by fans into the neighboring country's army.

It's possible that I'm remembering pieces of the Mouse That Roared TV pilot (my dad was known to acquire film copies of failed TV series), but I can't be sure. I'm hoping that someone else here has seen this and remembers it.
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In Charlie Chaplin's "Shoulder Arms," he uses Limburger as a grenade, but it definitely doesn't have the map you describe. Sounds like a Warner Brothers cartoon.
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Woody Allen uses "bleu cheese" as a weapon in Sleeper (~2:35) - - no map featured though.
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What I'm remembering was definitely live action, just that short animated bit. And the 'weapon' was really the cloud of funky cheese smell, not the cheese itself.
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