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I am making Christmas crackers, and need some tiny cool gifts that are not nail clippers! Ideally under ten dollars each. These will be for adults!

Think smaller than stocking stuffers, for a maximum three inch diameter tube. Puzzles, cocktailiana, food, games, nerdy stuff are good. Some easy DIY okay, though I don't have a ton of time.
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Charms/markers for wineglass stems. Small wine bottle stopper. Flight sized nip of liquor. Chocolate covered hazelnuts or mints or other bon bons. Nice pens or pencils.
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I've always wanted one of those tiny steel capsules that you can store, like, a rolled-up twenty or a cyanide pill inside. Attached to a keychain, of course.
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For the women, mini-nail polish bottles. OPI often do mini collection sets that have about 4 bottles per set and if you put one bottle per cracker that should be within budget. Full bottles of a drugstore brand would be well under your budget.

Mini fragrances. Penhaligon's do 4 in a set for £30 (sorry I can't access the US site but that should be under $40). They also have men's fragrances as well
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Cool/fun looking USBsticks. Everyone can use those nowadays.

Please don't assume that all women use nail polish or perfume.
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You can get a tube of wire id charms and put a couple in each. Everybody charges something, no?
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Good suggestions in some threads about advent calendar gifts. One good thread in specific.
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Fun contact lens cases like this or this, if you have any contact lens wearers.
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if you're near a cost plus world market, they have an entire rack of stuff like this, and also small toys. also small chocolates.
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Just recently bought this tiny game for a fun mini gift: Gem
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Compasses. I don't know why but I love crap like this. At $5.50 per dozen, they're perfect for your use.
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Think Geek's stocking stuffers section has some cool small items that would fit into crackers.

Space Capsule Tea Infuser, miracle berry fruit tabs, collapsible shot glass, annoy-a-tron, 5-in-1 geek pen, etc.
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Fish-eye lenses for celphones are pretty fun.
Movie passes
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Uncommon Goods and SUCK UK are good places to look for cool, tiny gifts. I have this bottle opener and love it.
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I keep making this suggestion: synthetic gemstones and cubic zirconium are pretty cheap and kind of cool to carry around.

I've bought them from Pehnec before and been fairly pleased with the results. there's something really satisfying (in the evil super villain kind of way) about holding a handful of jewels.

You can get 40 1cm round synthetic rubies for less than $50.
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the target $1/$3 section also has lots of random stuff that might be good for this.
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This awesome bottle opener.
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Lee Valley Tools often has useful little stocking stuffers (this year, including the keyring vials the_blizz mentioned).
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Lots of great suggestions here! I'm not saying what I'm getting (in case of MeFite readers) but I've found some perfect things through all your suggestions and links. I'll try to remember to post again after Christmas day and let you know what I got!
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Tons of tiny things in carnival/fair type of stores, like these novelties offered by

Also - check out Archie McPhee for hilarious small novelties!
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To build on koroshiya's answer a bit: there's a 'dollar spot' type section in Michael's (a crafts store - may not be near you) that has fun pens, stationery, and miscellaneous stuff. If you don't have a Michael's near you you can try hitting up a crafts store for fun, cheap items.

I <3 Ruthless Bunny's suggestion and link to the pastel plastic compasses - I would be thrilled to receive a freebie like this.
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Yeah, home improvement stores have a lot of stocking stufferish items this time of year too.
-Mini-flashlights in every imaginable form factor - my favorites are the weeble-wobble ones (Home Depot had those for like $5 a few years ago, for some reason they're showing as $15 now).
-Little measuring tapes, keychain compasses, etc.
-Silly putty
-Wind-up toys.
-Hexbug little robots (they have robot fish that really swim, which are super cool).
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I see a lot of live music and I really love EarLove's $10 earplugs.
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colorful headphones (the kind that plug into your ears)
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Eyeglass repair kits, sugru, magnets, chocolate coins, lip balm, teeny sharpie markers, votive candles, tiny liquor bottles, little pocket knives/tools, folding scissors, sewing kit, altoids tin, gum.
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