What goes with Sugru? Teen Maker edition
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I'm auntie to a bunch of teens and tweens and am trying to build little gift kits for each kid this year. Some are inheriting "too small for me" nice cookware, some are getting solar-rechargable batteries for their phones, but I've got a couple of makers, too.

One thing I found on "cyber monday" were little Sugru kits on Amazon; but what to go with it? Small sculpting tools? A print out of Sugru ideas? Most of these kids have a bunch of thisses and thats everywhere; small screwdrivers, circuit boards, Lego, LED peanut bulbs ...

Trying to keep it around $25 each not counting the Sugru cost ...
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Polymorph is a neat compliment to Sugru. You put a little handful of polymorph is a bowl of hot water and it becomes soft enough after a minute to mold with your hands; it then cools and solidifies. You can melt and reform many times.

It's great for making little mounts or brackets or whatever.
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Magnets are a good Sugru companion. (Sugru sells kits with magnets included, but I don't see that on Amazon, so in case you missed it.)

Reusable cable ties, paracord, or LEDs might be good too, depending on what they make. Maybe Pocket References are a little redundant for kids who probably have smart phones on them at all times, but I dunno. Maybe little graph paper notebooks or something for taking freehand notes.
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I forgot to say carabiners.

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Oh, gosh, POCKET REF, it's been so long since I got my own! Putting that on the "as they get a driver's license" list!
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