Cultural centers and events in Mexico City?
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Adult vacationing with his parents for two weeks in Mexico City. We are all fluent Spanish speakers and eager to experience the best of the performing arts and culture here.

I'm looking for comedy clubs, theater, experimental theater, folkloric dance, poetry reading, university lectures etc.. Research online has been hit or miss and I was wondering if anybody can recommend some dependable events, venues, and online resources.
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Can't speak to most of those specific venue activities, other than generally endorsing the alt-music scene itself, but Mexico City has more and better museums than any city in the hemisphere, even if you're not usually into museums. As in, don't overlook them as boring tourist traps, because they're really good.

I especially like the the Anthropology, Modern Art and MODO (design) museums, but that might speak to my own inner linguistics more than anything.
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I can't link to it but The Guardian has been running a series of articles and guides on Mexico City in the last week - you might find something useful in there.
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This is a difficult question! Mexico City has always so many things going on.

This government site México es cultura lists a lot of the cultural events in Mexico. Be sure to select Distrito Federal from the States dropdown.

The Universidad Autónoma de México is one of the most important universities in Latin America, and always have many activities, including dance and music.

rokusan is right, Mexico City museums are great. Other museums I really like are Munal, Museo Dolores Olmedo, Museo de Arte Popular, Museo Franz Mayer and Museo Tamayo.

If you let me know the specific dates you'll be here I can recommend you a few events.
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