Queer friendly therapists in the Seattle area?
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I am looking for a queer friendly therapist anywhere from Tacoma to Seattle. ADHD experienced is also a plus.

I have regence. My best therapist experience was with a woman who a. Was herself queer b. Didn't give tons of opinions but when she did they were very insightful c. Was very intelligent and d. Had a multimodal approach as in I ended up doing group therapy and breathing exercises with a biofeedback machine etc. in addition to our one on one sessions.

I know these types of questions don't always get a lot of responses but since so many mefites live around here I have hope.
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I recommend you contact Women's Therapy Referral Service - http://www.therapyreferral.org/index.php. This is how I found my therapist and it is a great resource. It costs $125 up front to meet with the coordinator who will interview you about what you're looking for, and then you get a free one-hour session with 3 recommended therapists.
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Seattle Counseling Services, located on Cap Hill, is very queer friendly and serves a large LGBTQ population in the Seattle area. Many of the therapists are queer themselves or at least have tons of experience working within the queer community.
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I know one of the practitioners at Theories of Mind socially. My friend is queer; I would expect her to take experiences with ADHD seriously, though that's not a subject I've discussed with her directly.
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(Also applicable to other areas)

There are several mainstream and specialty directories that let you search for therapists (and/or other professionals) who either are themselves GLBTetc or friendly/affirming.

You might also try searching out the Kink Aware Providers directory and there are at least 2 Secular directories -- they are very likely to have suitable therapists.
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I found my last therapist via psychologytoday.com and it was very successful. I know other folks who have as well.

Here's a search in the Seattle area for therapists who've tagged themselves with 'gay issues'. Gay issues? It's weird I know. There's 'bisexual', 'lesbian', and 'transgender identity' issues as well, so, I guess the site thinks it's got the bases covered? The tagging nomenclature is weird in this case but I tried each of those and there seem to be some great folks.

You can add ADHD in the mix, too, to get more specific.
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Jamie Katz. Nicole Donahue. A Canelli. But therapy is totally like dating - nthing Women's Therapy Referral Service; they'll find you somebody specific and taking patients (always the rub).
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Cherise Alexander. She mostly works out of Bonney Lake but I think also Puyallup. She takes regence and her last appointments are at 9:00 pm, I think.
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I'm a queer woman who is incredibly happy with my therapist, though she's not queer herself. She's the best therapist I've ever seen, though of course, it's such a personal thing—but I feel that she makes the effort to understand what I am talking about, and ask questions about the dynamics of my relationships, in a way that I haven't experienced before, even compared to a past therapist who was gay. I've seen her longer than any other and find it incredibly easy to speak up and ask her to change her approach if something rubs me the wrong way. Her listing on Psychology Today indicates that she is experienced with ADHD. She's located in Fremont and I really appreciate how easy it is to schedule an appointment with her.

She and I have been doing EMDR for trauma and it's been amazing, but before that we did general talk therapy that I found useful as well.
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Response by poster: Wow! I did not expect such a great response. Thank you everyone! I have a lot to look at and quite a few people to call now!
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