Hawaii Hotels with Zero Entry Pools
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We are looking to stay in Kauai (or possibly another Hawaiian island) for a week in the spring and am having the hardest time finding a place to stay that has a zero-entry pool, a separate sleeping area, a/c, and is priced under $300/night. Are these criteria unreasonable or is there hope?

I'm wondering if anyone has specific hotel/condo recommendations that meet this criteria (more details below) and/or a better way to search for lodging than my random googling? None of the travel sites I've searched (tripadvisor, travelocity, costco travel, vrbo, etc.) let you search even by the more common criteria like a/c and kid-friendly pool (even filtering by number of rooms seems to be rare!).

Travelers are myself, spouse, and toddler son (who will be between 2.5-3 when we go). The toddler is why we need a separate sleeping area since he goes to bed a few hours before we do. He also LOVES zero-entry (walk-in) pools and we love that he can wade in and out by himself while we relax on the deck (obviously still closely watching him). Despite some reviews saying the trade winds keep things cool-ish, my spouse won't consider any lodging without a/c.

On our "really want but not necessarily deal-breakers" list: poolside cocktails (or at least won't give us a hard time if we bring some spiked pineapple juice), ocean view from room, one or two on-site or walkable restaurants, a short (under 30 minute) drive to other attractions/beaches/restaurants, other kid-friendly pool/hotel features, good snorkeling within walking distance (or at least within a short drive). On-site laundry would also be nice due to the toddler.

We would like to stay in Kauai since it looks gorgeously green as well as for the sake of somewhere new (we stayed in a condo on Maui before and loved it, but it doesn't meet the walk-in pool requirement), though if you have a recommendation on another island, we would love to hear it!
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The Ka'anapali Beach Hotel in West Maui has all of these things except the zero-entry pool (the pool has stairs). Family suites are available, but not through the website--rates will depend on when in the spring you decide to go.

And your spouse is right, you will require a/c. :)
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There may be cruise lines with zero entry pools that go to Hawaii. A cruise fills almost all of your criteria.

I was a anti-cruise person before but after having kids, I have to admit it was a pretty relaxing way vacation.
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The zero-entry / sand bottom / no stairs kiddie pool will be the limiting factor. Hawaiian hotels tend not to have separate sleeping areas unless you go for a suite ($$$), but will have the zero entry pools, poolside drink service, bars and restaurants on site, etc.

However, the condos in Hawaii won't usually have the zero entry pools but have the A/C and laundry, but not all the perks of a hotel.

I think what you really want is to book a timeshare? These will have perks of a hotel, like a zero entry pool, poolside drink service, etc. but also come with a full kitchen, laundry, separate sleeping quarters, and A/C. This, of course, will cost ya, however. If this interests you, try the Marriott in Ko Olina on Oahu. The little guy may also like the lagoons in Ko Olina as well (no waves).

Also look at Kolea on the Big Island, though I don't think it will have any restaurant/bar on site. Again, you may have to up your budget as a lot of BI condo complexes are 2 BR units by default (so pricier to begin with, reflecting a different travel style).

If you're still having trouble, I would repost this exact same inquiry on the TripAdvisor State of Hawaii forums (not just searching the main site, but asking specifically on the the State of Hawaii forums - there's quite a few Destination Experts on there who live on the islands).
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Look into Waipouli Beach Resort in Kapa'a. May fit all/most of your reqs.
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I stayed in this condo in Kapa Ľa this year, at the Waipouli Beach Resort & Spa. It has a zero-entry pool (hey I learned a new word today), AC, a restaurant in the hotel that I never tried, a Food Land across the street, a washer and dryer, and snorkling within a short drive. It's a teeny bit over your budget. I imagine the other condos in the same building are similar.
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I've done Maui with my son when he was a toddler, and stayed at the Westin Kaanapali with its pirate pool for little ones. Near Lahaina Town, there's also Baby Beach (51 Puunoa Pl, Lahaina, HI 96761) - not zero-entry, but the water stays knee high for maybe 20 yards.
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Response by poster: Just following up after our vacation for the sake of anyone else trying to plan a Hawaii vacation with similar criteria. All the answers were very helpful and gave us a lot to think about, so thank you!

We ended up booking a two-bedroom beach-front condo at Waipouli Beach Resort through VRBO and while it was over our ideal budget, it all worked out since we invited my parents along and the babysitting provided by the grandparents more than made up for the cost! The unit we stayed in (A204) had 3 bathrooms, 2 of which were spacious enough to set up a pack-n-play, so there was plenty of space for everyone.

There was a restaurant/bar next to the pool that we used for some poolside drinks but the hotel was totally okay with guests bringing down their own drinks from the room too. With A/C, a washer/dryer in-unit, a very family-friendly pool (including the zero-entry kids pool, water slides, little waterfalls, and a family hot-tub in addition to some adults-only ones), and close to grocery stores, restaurants, and Starbucks, this is definitely a great home base for a week in Kauai!
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