Tiny Elvis
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Help me find a video of any of the the Nicholas Cage SNL skits where he plays "Tiny Elvis". I've done the quick Google and Yahoo video searches and only came up with the transcript. thanks in advance "Hey, man.. look at that salt shaker, man. That is huge!"
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Not to be rude, jimmereeno, but it only takes "'tiny elvis' snl transcript", and Mr. Google nails it down in a heartbeat.
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Uh, Smart Dalek, you did see the part of the question where he said he'd found the transcript and was looking for the video, right?
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I have searched far and wide on the internets and on Kazaa for the Tiny Elvis video or the video of the skit where Cage and Julia Sweeny are trying to name their baby (from the same episode - totally hilarious). I have not been able to find either one after several searches. Perhaps another file-sharing service besides Kazaa, I don't know. But I can tell you that I've looked hard with no luck... they may not exist. I'll watch this thread because if you find them, I'll be interested.
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Looked it up on Ares with no such luck. (It seems that the only thing that is on there is SNL "Celebrity Jeopardy" episodes.)
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Along the same lines, I would be grateful for any info on obtaining the two Phil Hartman, "Acting Workshop" sketches.
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If you could deduce which exact episode(s) had that sketch, it would be a lot easier to search, since p2p networks tend to have TV shows with filenames that contain the name and season/episode number but not rarely anything else.
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Waaay back in the '95-96 timeframe, I downloaded a little piece of software from someplace that was a Tiny Elvis for your desktop. He would walk around and say things like "Take a look at that ICON, man. That sucker's huuuge", then do the (Tiny) Elvis dance.

I am pretty sure that I was running Windows 3.1 and used a 28.8 modem via CompuServe to download this.

Good times.

I wish Tiny Elvis was still around - it would make for an AWESOME Firefox extension.
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oh man... Oswipe. that was hilarious. strange that i was thinking about this just the other day. the only thing that i can contribute is that my directivo is always recording reruns of saturday night live, so maybe i'll get lucky someday.
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I found this episode information, which says it's episode 328.

On IMDB, it's listed as episode 18.1.

Tiny Elvis transcript here.

And... DUDE!!

I found the Google archive of a link to the various iterations of the Tiny Elvis desktop program. I recommend downloading version 1.5 - better audio clips that sound more like Elvis. The v.2 files sound really amateurish. Bonus: you can use individual audio files elsewhere, like new mail notification or PC startup.

I have officially devoted way too much time to Tiny Elvis today.
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I think your only hope might be finding it on a "Best of... so and so" DVD. I'm not sure who else was in the skit besides Cage.

Or if you have a TiVo, a detailed Wish List might grab it at some point.

I've looked on-line but there are only a few select SNL videos.
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a Tiny Elvis for your desktop

Oh. God. That was hilarious. (For about the same amount of time that it took to download, but still.)
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I think that Tivo might be my solution.
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