With a little help from my friends... finding Belushi & Cocker?
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I'm looking for classic "Saturday Night Live" sketches that might not have made the "Best of..." DVDs. Namely, John Belushi performing as Joe Cocker WITH Joe Cocker! But there were far too many good ones to let them all fade into oblivion! Is there any way to find these classic sketches to save them for posterity?? Thanks!!
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Best answer: They just released some classic sketches on itunes.
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Best answer: I this it?

YouTube seems to have a tone of SNL.
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Is this it... and sorry, I don't have flash at work so I can't verify it for myself.
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Best answer: 2,787 SNL transcripts.
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I would hazzard a guess that DVD packages of SNL seasons will start coming out. They have done it with so many other shows (SCTV, Monty Python, Muppets...). I doubt they will be lost to posterity. If anything we live in an era of cultral masturbation.
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Oooh- thanks Heminator!
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If you find it in your cache, you can save it and play it later in an FLV Player. There's a Greasemonkey Extension to do it for you, but I haven't tried it personally.

slightly off-topic: YouTube also had one of my favorite obscure sketches: The Guy Who Plays Mr. Belvedere Fan Club.
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The one that still sticks out in my memory to this day is a young Tim Curry, doing a spot-on Mick Jagger singing "Beast of Burden".

Either that or I just made it up.
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Actually, don't bet on Lorne Michaels releasing full season collections of SNL. He's notoriously protective of much of the material and refuses to allow many things never to be seen again. We'll never witness Sinead tear up that picture of the pope again, for instance. That's why he only releases them in small doses, usually centered around a certain performer.
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Response by poster: Thanks a mil, Heminator! (I didn't even know about YouTube!!)
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