Tips for finding an affordable financial planner
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What are some good things to look for in a financial planner? Any recommendations that might seem like a fit in the Atlanta, GA, area (or elsewhere)? Please see below for details.

I'm looking for a financial planner in the Atlanta, GA, area (or someone who works remotely. I've never worked with a financial planner before). I'm in my late twenties and just starting with saving for retirement, have the usual boatload of student debt from grad school, have some pretty traditional life goals (find a partner, start a family, buy a house, etc), and... will likely go back to school for a PhD in next few years--possibly full time, which would be an opportunity cost in terms of earnings. I'm not financially irresponsible, but I am a good bit clueless about where to begin in planning for the future and truly just starting out in learning about "advanced money topics," so to speak. What are some key features of a financial planner for which to look? Additionally, any suggestions about how to go about finding someone affordable? I'm a federal gov worker just starting out in my career, so money's a bit tight with the student debt. I'm wary of financial planners who work on commission because I worry they will steer me in random directions in order to earn on commission. If anyone has any recommendations for someone in Atlanta that might be a good fit, I'll take those, too. Thanks a ton in advance for any insight!
posted by dubhemerak3000 to Work & Money (4 answers total) 8 users marked this as a favorite is the canonical site for Certified Financial Planners. You should be able to weed out fee-based planners.
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Let's make it a working link:
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I do my banking at Delta Community Credit Union. Any Atlanta resident can join. They employ CFPs to work with the members. The nice thing about it is my CFP is paid a salary by the credit union, rather than working on commission. I have found him incredibly helpful and I feel like I can trust his advice.
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Glad to hear you're looking for a fee-based planner.

I've seen the Garrett Planning Network recommended by Bogleheads, and I know some folks who tried them out a couple of years ago and are very very happy with the planner they found. Here are Garrett advisors near Atlanta.

I'd also recommend this quick read about financial planners over at the Bogleheads wiki.
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