Happy Owl-oween! Outdoor microphone for listening to bird sounds indoors
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My elderly dad would like to listen to bird, owl, and nature sounds that are going on outside of his house from inside the house. Is there an outdoor microphone and indoor receiver (amp? speaker? I'm not quite sure what I am looking for here) system that will do this for him easily?

I think he just wants to turn on a speaker inside his house or use an app on his iPhone, and hear what is going on in his backyard without having to go outside or open the windows. He is not interested in recording the sounds or having video, just listening to the sounds live. I would like to avoid equipment that uses batteries, FM transmitters, or long wires, if possible. Wifi, iPhone apps, Bluetooth connectivity are all a plus. He is in the mid-west, so the outdoor equipment needs to be weather-proof. Thanks!
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I have and love these bitty speakers.

They also have a mic built in so maybe paired with an app that triggers the mic to play back through the phone....
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If you got some sort of small speaker with a hard-wired mic input, you could run the mic cable through a window opening (then close the window on it) and you're done. Put a ziplock bag or something around the microphone outside to keep the water off.

Maybe something like this.
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We used an old baby monitor set on the deck when I was a child.
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I've been to more than a view wildlife / bird sanctuaries that have a Nature's Window for this. No idea if it's any better than the more DIY approaches above, but it's what the "pros" use :)
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