Trying to identify an old 1980s feature-length Halloween cartoon.
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This Halloween animation about a kind witch and two children aired on broadcast television sometime in the early 1980s. Because I was only 6 or 7-years-old, I remember very little. Please, help me this identify this show.

I recall a kind Witch, dressed in a blue gown and blue witches' hat that sat atop her long, black hair. She had the ability to transform into a black cat. She first appears as the cat, to then reveal herself to the other characters. She played a matronly role to two young siblings, a girl and a boy––perhaps the sister was older. Of course, there was an adventure or mystery to the story arc. That's all I can remember of this animated tale. A running time of 60 minutes seems right. Thank you for your help!
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Best answer: Where did you grow up?

Maybe The Trouble with Miss Switch? I'm not sure that she changes into a cat. But she is a good witch, and there are 2 children. 2 hourlong episodes. Haven't seen them beyond a cursory youtube watching. Found via google search on 'good witch cartoon 80s', 4th hit.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much. I was four years old when this aired. Thanks again.
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