Can you tell me what was on TV last weekend?
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What did I watch on TV last Sunday night which involved a gorilla converting the world to Christianity?

I watched cable television last weekend while visiting my out-of-town grandmother for Easter. The show in question was seen either Saturday or Sunday night, but I think it was on Sunday night, around 11:00pm Central time, but I could be off either way by an hour. I was fairly drunk. I think it was on the Cartoon Network, but I'm not sure. I've searched their website but haven't found what I'm looking for. Here's what I recall:
  • It was animated, and definitely created by people on drugs for people on drugs
  • One character was a god-like creature (named Xander?) who had eyes of different colors and a snake for an arm
  • Another character was a gorilla named Bo-bo (or something similar)
  • An evangelical minister had sex with the gorilla, and was then overcome with guilt and killed himself
  • The gorilla could communicate via sign language, and went on to proselytize the planet.
  • A man has his daughter sign a pledge to renew her virginity, and then has someone come over to replace her hymen
Is this out on DVD? Is there any place I can download it? Does anyone know what the title is so I could search for it? Did anyone else watch this, too?

A local commercial cut off the credits, so I couldn't grab the names of people and companies involved in the production.
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Best answer: Xavier: Renegade Angel! Awesome...
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Response by poster: Thanks. I was going to add the batshitinsane tag but this goes far beyond that. Far far far. Far far. Far far far far.
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It's usually on [adult swim] on Sunday nights (between Squidbillies and T&EAS,GJ). Check your local listings!
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the same lunatics who made that also brought us wonder showzen
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