How to separate a stacked washer dryer
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How to separate a stacked washer/dryer? I want to lift the dryer off it's base, a washer, and re-install it on a shelf above a new used washer. Need to know, or find someone who knows how the separate the stacked unit wiring. No appliance repair service seems willing, and I'm not sure where to find a help to do it. It will save me a lot of money, not to mention reusing/recycling/repairing a working appliance.
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What model is it? When I separated our stacked washer/dryer unit all I had to do was unscrew a couple of butterfly plates at the back. It was not rocket science.
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Can you post a photo or a model number? Are these an all in one unit (usually the kind where there is a sloped metal panel behind the top of the washing machine such that you can't swing the door all the way up) or just two units stacked on top of each other with some sort of stand?

I'm imagining this is the former, in which case you may be in for some difficulty as these aren't really made to come apart. I'm sure it is possible, but it will require wiring and probably some sheet metal modifications.

Most older appliances have a wiring diagram on the back. That would help. Does this one? Otherwise, this isn't something that is difficult to figure out, but it probably isn't something you should be attempting if you aren't at least somewhat familiar with wiring.
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I had two separate units stacked, and then unstacked when I moved. The dryer was on top and held on to the washer with a couple plates on the back. one end of the plates was a hook, and the other was fastened with screws.
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It sounds like you have a top load stacker. Ya, they aren't designed to be separated which is why you can't find anyone to do it. There is no bottom on the dryer so it isn't just a matter of removing a few bolts. And there may not be a wiring harness plug between the two pieces.

So the separator would have to cut and cap all the wires between the two units and fabricate something that covers the open hole. Both of these things are going to open them to liability (and in Canada it would void the listing after which plugging it in would technically be illegal). While I applaud the drive to reuse doing this safely would take several hours and is probably not worth the cost compared to the used price of dryers.
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A picture of the appliances, or a link to an online image of a similar set, might help us in advising. For example, one might think you are talking about one of these.
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