Does anyone know know the name of this (Chopin?) piece?
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I was listening to Radiolab, and there is a piano phrase that I think is Chopin at 1:06, but I can't identify it. Does anyone know what it is? (And AMAZING episode by the way). Thanks!
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Nope, this isn't Chopin,* but I can't say what it is instead.

* As per an excellent musical memory (if I say so myself), and the complete piano works on LP(!) played by Vladimir Ashkenazy.
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Jad Abumrad was a music composition student at Oberlin, so it might be original?
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I'm pretty sure I recognize it, and I've never listened to RadioLab, so it's probably not original. Themefinder and MelodyHound don't turn up anything useful, though.
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To my ear it sort of sounds like a paraphrase from The Well-Tempered Clavier---maybe the Fugue in D minor?
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Sorry not Bach either.
Anyway--this passage is in g minor, and there's a left hand accompaniment. The melody goes as far as I can hear:
f#--(=upbeat)/--g--a--b-flat--c--d--g--/--f#--g--d.... As far as I can hear, that would be, for example: eighth notes in 3/4 time. The supporting harmony in the first measure is g-minor, then it becomes difficult to hear. Maybe this helps identifying the source anyway.
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Best answer: It's Tchaikovsky. June (Barcarolle) from The Seasons.
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Response by poster: Aww, thank you everyone for taking the time, and in278s especially, for answering the question. it's just lovely.
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Ah, 4/4 time after all. Thanks in278s for posting this fabulous interpretation, too!
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