Nice dinner with vegetables on Oahu
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I'm on vacation with my husband and his family on Oahu, and I swear I've eaten more animal protein this week than I usually eat in a month. Where can my husband and I go for a nice, sit-down meal tonight that will hopefully include lots of vegetables? We're staying in Kailua, so preferably somewhere nearby, and I don't want to spend more than about $25 per entree. Thanks!
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Response by poster: (Doesn't need to be vegetarian, I'd happily eat some good seafood or pork with my vegetables too.)
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I was going to suggest Haleiwa Joe's in Haiku as the restaurant on that side with the best views, but looking at the menu it's animals and more animals. Formaggio Grill is well known but, to me, it's high prices for average albeit trendy food.

I'll watch this space; if you decide to come into town I have lots of ideas. Choices on the windward side are more sparse.
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Never been to Oahu, and please forgive me if you already did this yourself, but Yelp shows a number of options in a search for vegetarian near Kailua.
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