Help me find that song
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I'm trying to locate a Latin/Spanish song from a few years back with almost nothing to go on. Here's what I remember...

I heard a few times on Australian radio between 2012 to 2013, and it seemed to get played with "Blurred Lines". One of those times was in a Mexican restaurant. It was in Spanish, and it was call-and-response style with a couple of women calling out one line, and a group of people (mostly men, I think) calling the response. It was very rhythmic, and the base line reminded me a little of the beat from Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" but a little slower. There wasn't much singing as such, and very little melody, just mostly percussion. It reminds me of some of the NorteƱo stuff I've heard (which admittedly isn't much).

I've tried searching some of the Billboard charts from that time and couldn't find it. It is not Danza Kuduro, which was popular here, but from about the same time. I'm guessing it was popular for a bit and then faded fast once the novelty wore off.

Does that ring any bells for anyone?
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Best answer: that time period, in spanish, and with your description, i'd be looking at reggaeton (which is also what danza kuduro was), i think. but i don't know that track.

googling for call + response gives, for example, rabiosa. here's a list of tracks from 2012.

(norteno is pretty different - less hip-hop, more accordians)
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Response by poster: Aha! Thanks for the heads-up, andrewcooke. It wasn't Rabiosa, but your tip-off about reggaeton led me down a pretty interesting rabbithole and I eventually found it! Gasolina by Daddy Yankee.

So, basically, I was way way out with date, type of music and pretty much everything else! No wonder I couldn't find the damn thing. Thanks for your help!
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oh god, gasolina. sorry, even i (middle aged white guy) should have told you that. it's like the biggest reggaeton hit ever (or at least, was here in chile). duh. sorry - i really should have put 2 and 2 together.

(ps tego calderon is, imho, much better than daddy yankee. it's more cut down / street, in my uncool opinion)
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