Where to purchase cute things with an undercurrent of sarcasm
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So I have a friend who is just as described above: cute if you've just met her but sarcastic and sort of dark once you get to know her. She's been having a tough time and I'd like to get her something that fits her personality. I'm thinking posters or mugs or novelty items. She also likes Snoopy a lot. Any ideas? Thanks!
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This site has all sorts of weird spooky cute odd stuff, some could be taken as sarcastic and the Shana who runs it is very accomodating. I have gotten and sent lots of unusual stuff, including a sloth necklace that everyone loves.
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Blue Q socks and Knock Knock notepads hit that cute, silly-but-snarky spot.
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I really like the stuff made by Black Heart Creatives - but they are a British company, so shipping internationally could be pricey/slow.
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The Kawaii Not store at RedBubble has some suitable items.
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My sister has this on her mantelpiece. Always makes me chuckle.
nsfw - language
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plush poop bank
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I have (and adore) one of these magnets.
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I'm partial to these crazy people
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She sounds a lot like someone I know very well, and that kinda person reminds me a lot of Little My from Tove Jansson's Moomins. Perhaps something Little-My-themed? Litalla make some lovely ceramic mugs with My sliding on them.
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I like the stuff from Human. A couple favorites for me are shut the fucupcakes and the toile penis pattern. NSFW, obviously.
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I hope this won't be taken as non-responsive...

I have found that folks who consider me "darker" or more sarcastic than they are, are usually wildly off base in what they think I'm going to find funny. I don't consider myself sarcastic at all, or dark; and friends who get me don't think this about me. But it often happens that someone who doesn't really get me, but thinks they do, will expect me to like something rude or mean spirited, and it's very alienating.

What I'm saying is: maybe just get her something genuinely nice - something everyone would enjoy - say flowers - that don't include a judgment of her personality, no matter how much you think she would like something "dark"?
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Hmmm, hard to judge "cute but sarcastic", but how about Waldo Pancake?

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The customizable "everything sucks/my one true love" patches from Shop Tuesday sound right up your friend's alley.
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I got one of my friends this mug for her birthday. It looks like this website sells a ton of Snoopy/Peanuts-related stuff. Perhaps you can find something there?
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