Beautiful Christmas cards, difficulty level: no text
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I'm looking for beautiful Christmas cards without text on the cover or inside. More details within.

Examples I like: number 1, number 2, number 3

Other requirements:
- can be bought online from Europe or UK-based seller
- square shape or larger size
- envelope included
- ideally I'm looking for a pack of cards (can be one design only) but willing to buy individual cards
- it would be great if the cost of shipping to Europe was lower than the price of cards (my biggest problem so far)
- I can buy from sites in the following languages: Italian, French, German, Spanish (as long as they ship outside of their country)

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks!
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The price of shipping is generally dependent on whether it's inside or outside the country, so it would be easier to help you search if we knew to which country you'd like them shipped.
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oxfam do square cards in that style.
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Response by poster: Oxfam ships only within the UK. I need the cards shipped to Slovenia.
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Paperchase (the EU site, not the UK one) will ship to Slovenia for a flat rate of €10.
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Moonpig posts to Europe and the postage costs are reasonable. I use them all the time. You can personalise the details (you can change text on the cover or delete it) and the insides are all blank unless you want to add text. They're good quality and the postage includes an envelope - you can also add a message to it if you want (which I always do because it pleases me) and the delivery is really reliable. This one looks like quite the one in your link.
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This is a small business that may well ship to Slovenia if you ask. The cards are farm-themed and there are lots with no words or greetings.

This company sells packs of mixed blank cards, wild-life themed, which could be used for Christmas (some are specifically season, e.g. robins, penguins). They ship to the EU.

Alternatively, you could design your own cards at Moonpig.
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There are some gorgeous ones here, all blank inside.
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