I can't believe I'm asking a fashion advice question!
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I'm a 60-something male whose regular "uniform" is jeans, T-shirt, and when it gets cooler, a flannel shirt open in the front with the sleeves rolled up. As it gets even cooler, I need to throw a jacket over this. So I'm looking for the right kind of jacket for this combination. Most of my jackets are short so they show the flannel shirt hanging down below.

What kind of a jacket would look good with this? It's definitely a casual look but I want to look nice and age appropriate. If important, I tend to be on the tall, thinner side. Looking forward to your suggestions!
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Barbour waxed cotton jackets are a little longer, and they are great for this casual-and-rugged-but-still-nice look. Maybe the Beaufort or Bedale.
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You're looking for an M-65 jacket. It's casual, constant, confident and, as seen in a recent photo of Bruce Boyer, age appropriate. The $180 Alpha Industries model is standard and well-regarded. Gap and Old Navy have had models in the $50-$75 range, but they're unfortunately sold out. While the M-65 is the most popular and reproduced, there are other field jackets out there with their own variations that you might like better.
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It really depends on your climate. If you're in a more mild climate, the classic field jacket is a natural pairing. If you're in a colder/rainier climate, a parka is probably more appropriate.
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where are you? in the uk barbour jackets are (or used to be?) very much a class thing. i would never wear one.

how about something similar but in leather? like this?

personally, i'm not quite as old as you (ha!), and i wear one of these in black. not very exciting - just a fleece lined walking jacket kind of thing.
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Classic barn coat? A car coat is probably dressier than you had in mind, but it is the right length.
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How cold? How much weather? Pea coats are standard and good looking where I am (Northern New England) and have the length. They come in heavy or light weights and pair with flannel. If you're okay being somewhat casual. the barn coats also have lined and not-lined options. A regular old slightly longer down coat that has a nicer texture and is a little longer is another good match here.
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If you can deal with the occasionally outlandish prices (everything I've bought from them was on sale) Filson makes first rate coats and jackets in wool and waxed cotton.
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Agreed with jessamyn. What you want is a charcoal wool peacoat. Not sure where you are located but I trust J. Crew and they have one available. They also have a slightly longer coat if your shirts are too long for the first coat I linked. This is a timeless look.
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Since someone mentioned car coats as a little more formal above, I just wanted to add that J. Crew has the car coat with a casual look on the model and I don't think it looks at all out of place.
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Response by poster: Super ideas! Thanks!
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